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Blockchain Fuel for Autonomous Business

AERGO aims to develop a new blockchain protocol, with advanced and easy to use developer tools and a state of the art dApp orchestration and deployment framework. It aims to include an SQL based smart contract platform as well as advanced features, such a distributed version and concurrency control.

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2019-12-06 - 2019-12-06
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AERGO is a proposed new blockchain protocol, which aims to power both public and private blockchain deployments. Based on Blocko Inc’s (Blocko) experience in providing large-scale, production level private blockchain to recognized enterprise customers, AERGO intends to be purpose-built to enable enterprise architectures based on blockchain by incorporating both new, innovative and established technical approaches to build scalable distributed database systems.
AERGO is being built for developers,​ for businesses ​and the IT suppliers that enable them.  AERGO’s platform seeks to enable enterprises and developers to easily design, build and deploy their own blockchain applications within the cloud. The platform aims to offer the possibility for creators to tailor their blockchain and applications to their needs, by giving them the choice to run across either a public or private network. Taking into account the differing characteristics private and public blockchain implementations present, the choice between the two aims to give enterprises and developers the flexibility they desire when designing a purpose-specific application. Hosting everything across a secure cloud-hosted distributed network, AERGO also aims to alleviate businesses from significant overheads through the elimination of needing to establish physical infrastructure themselves to run blockchain protocols and applications.
AERGO’s core technology is based on COINSTACK from Blocko Inc. (“Blocko​”), a leading 2 blockchain technology and enterprise IT integration-services company with operations in the UK, South Korea and Hong Kong. COINSTACK-based blockchain systems have already been deployed to 25 million users in over 20 in-production systems.
Blocko is now preparing and developing some of the core key technologies for AERGO. It proposes to provide comprehensive IT integration and support services for clients who wish to deploy and maintain new products and business services based on AERGO. Proposed new technologies include: a super-fast and efficient blockchain protocol; a new powerful SQL smart contract engine; advanced IT integration APIs; and easy to use developer tools. These are intended to be supported by a dApp orchestration and deployment framework to allow developers and businesses to install, manage and use these applications.
AERGO aims to advance enterprise blockchain, by opening up a new era of mass market usage of blockchain. 

AERGO reviews

Dennis Oosting
ICO advisor and Founder of Serendipity Blockchain Solutions
Rated on Aug 16, 2018

AERGO aims to develop an open source blockchain protocol that is “enterprise ready”. Users of Aergo will be able to use the platform to create their own applications onto either a private or public blockchain.

The project is still in working process with the main net currently set to launch in early 2019 and the AERGO hub and marketplace are set to launch in Q4. AERGO tokens will be used for three things: infrastructure providers, technology providers, and service providers. There is no MVP available, so it remains to be seen how the platform will operate and look exactly.

The AERGO team is really big, but a lot of them are from Blocko. The AERGO board consists of Phil, Hun and Roderik, all having a lot of experience in different fields of interest. According to the team numerous investors have been onboarded, such as FBG capital, Lemniscap and more. I do feel that there is some heavy competition for AERGO and, however since they are backed by Blocko they do have an advantage right out of the gate.

Would suggest the team to keep up with their ICObench profile, update where needed (definitely is needed!) and undergo KYC.

Dr. Simon Hassannia
Head of Business Innovation, Advisory, Management Consultant
Rated on Aug 25, 2018

+ supported by Blocko (which has million of users and delivered several blockchain systems for companies)
+ strong and experienced team
+ wide range of use cases across different industries
- the presented scalability is questionable
- no prototype developed
- no KYC from team conducted

Mihai Alexandru Bisnel
Experienced ICO analyst, editor at, Token Sale Platform supplier, Advisor, Blockchain Enthusiast
Rated on Aug 29, 2018

Blockchain addresses and solves three main issues that traditional technologies have: trust, security and transparency. However, it is still a technology that remains inaccessible for most businesses, as we are now still in the discovery phase of all its capabilities and areas it can be applied in.
AERGO aims to bring blockchain closer to mass market usage by providing advanced, yet friendly and easy to use technology for developers / posibility to develop both private and public blockchain innovations / an open ecosystem.
I find it as very interesting and I believe it could be an important project in blockchain evolution. Would have rated the team with 5 if KYC were conducted by team members.

ICO Analyzer Bot
Rated on Sep 2, 2018

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