Afincoin initial coin offering (ICO)

The Diverse and Powerful Utility Token

Asian Fintech (Afin) provide online business platform for various business entrepreneurs and companies and bring them on Blockchain platform to applications for business platforms in those fields. Afin will provide “Afin online Platform” to facilitate trade and negotiation between business entrepreneur and companies from various countries, also enhance the connectivity, and provide accurate and up to date information and data on a fast track. Afin is incorporating Blockchain technology to expand and diversify the business of Afin and its partners. It is cost effective and convenient for both the sellers and the buyers.

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2018-08-27 - 2019-12-13
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1 AFIN = 0.30 USD
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Aug 27, 2018
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About Afincoin ICO

The Afin Coin tokens are not intended to constitute securities in any jurisdiction. This Whitepaper does not constitute a prospectus or offer document of any sort and is not intended to constitute an offer of securities or a solicitation for investment in securities in any jurisdiction.

This Whitepaper does not constitute or form part of any opinion on any advice to sell, or any solicitation of any offer by the distributor/vendor of the Afin Coin tokens (the "Distributor") to purchase any Afin Coin tokens nor shall it or any part of it nor the fact of its presentation form the basis of, or be relied upon in connection with, any contract or investment decision. The Distributor will be Asian Fintech Pte. Ltd. ("Asian Fintech") and will deploy all proceeds of sale of the Afin Coin tokens to fund Asian Fintech’s projects, businesses and operations. No person is bound to enter into any contract or binding legal commitment in relation to the sale and purchase of the Afin Coin tokens and no cryptocurrency or other form of payment is to be accepted on the basis of this Whitepaper.
Any agreement as between the Distributor and you as a purchaser, and in relation to any sale and purchase, of Afin Coin tokens (as referred to in this Whitepaper) is to be governed by only a separate document setting out the terms and conditions (the "T&Cs") of such agreement. In the event of any inconsistencies between the T&Cs and this Whitepaper, the former shall prevail.
You are not eligible and you are not to purchase any Afin Coin tokens in the Asian Fintech Initial Token Sale (as referred to in this Whitepaper) if you are a citizen, resident (tax or otherwise) or green card holder of the United States of America. No regulatory authority has examined or approved of any of the information set out in this Whitepaper. No such action has been or will be taken under the laws, regulatory requirements or rules of any jurisdiction. The publication, distribution or dissemination of this Whitepaper does not imply that the applicable laws, regulatory requirements or rules have been complied with. There are risks and uncertainties associated with Asian Fintech and/or the Distributor and their respective businesses and operations, the Afin Coin tokens, the Asian Fintech Initial Token Sale and the Asian Fintech Wallet.

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Price in ICO

1 AFIN = 0.30 USD

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Sittisak Mahasittivad

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Rabgyal Tenzin

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August 2018

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August 2019

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February 2019

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November 2018

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November 2019

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September 2018

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