Bankcoin initial coin offering (ICO)

Cryptocurrency Exchange is a new concept in cryptocurrency and digital assets on the internet with the highest security standards in a very intuitive platform that will allows users to have a intuitive navigation experience at the site. The world market is showing signals of accelerated growing in the cryptocurrency demand where commercial and financial brands are starting to test the concept and are slowly moving as a payment method, using the "blockchain" technology.

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Starts in 3 years ago
2016-11-05 - 2016-12-19
Price in ICO
1 Bankcoin = 0.25$
ICO start
Nov 5, 2016
ICO end
Dec 19, 2016
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About Bankcoin ICO

We are a group of entrepreneurs dreaming together to create a more efficient, secure, and fast way of exchanging products and services on a global level, through the use of digital currency using cutting-edge technology like blockchain or data chains.
We recognize that the world is demanding more and more services, of increasing quality, in addition to wanting the option to carry out transfers directly between people or companies, from and to any part of the world, all from any device with an internet connection.
Under these precepts, arose as a comprehensive platform with its own digital currency, called Bankcoins ([email protected]). This is a website for exchanging these and the other main digital currencies, and which also offers services such as international debit cards, ATMS, interconnectivity with other platforms, as well as an online product and services store.
The idea is to offer our users the ability to keep their digital currency in their digital wallet, so that they can have constant control of their coins without any intermediary, and which can be used or exchanged in a simple and trustworthy manner. has focused its efforts on signing partnership agreements in the academic and commercial sector, mainly in Spanish-speaking countries, to bring these benefits to academic communities, in addition to offering support for the development of new applications and specialized software.

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Bankcoin ICO price

Price in ICO

1 Bankcoin = 0.25$

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$ 1000000

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Karina Avilés

Co-founder and President

Juan Carlos del Castillo

Co-founder and Commercial Vice President

Kalep Blanco

Co-founder and Vice President of Technology

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