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Bettium is an analytical blockchain platform for peer-to-peer betting,empowering users with a variety of innovative capabilities,as well as unprecedented flexibility and reliability, all with lowest fees possible. Bettium provides users with simple and efficient tools such as the built-in AI that analyzes Big Data and allows users to make educated decisions. Those who prefer to rely on expertise of professionals will be able to subscribe to specialized forecasts, mimic their bets or even completely entrust funds to an expert for a small fee.

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2020-03-29 - 2020-03-29
Price in ICO
1 BETT = 0.05 USD
Soft cap
7,500,000 USD
Hard cap
30,000,000 USD
preICO start
Jul 1, 2018
preICO end
Jul 10, 2018
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About Bettium ICO

At the end of the 20th century, when the Internet became a mainstream commodity, online betting services made their debut and quickly began to proliferate. The history of online betting dates to 1994 when the state of Antigua and Barbuda issued the first offshore licenses to betting companies providing online betting services.
The advent of Internet betting resulted in a massive expansion that benefited all market participants. Players in various locales gained access to bookmaking services throughout the world, while bookmakers saw their overhead evaporate as bricks-and-mortar offices became obsolete.
Now the world is on the verge of the most important technical revolution since the rise of the Internet: the Blockchain Revolution. Blockchain technology is being applied to a myriad of diverse and innovative projects in all walks of life, providing additional transparency, greater reliability, reduced transaction costs, enhanced scaling capabilities, and many other unique advantages.
Betting today has become much more than simply an entertainment industry; modern-day betting is a mixture of strategy, science, and cutting-edge technology. The integration of the blockchain is a logical step providing effective solutions to problems that have long plagued the industry: scalability, trust, and an inherent lack of transparency.
We are proud to introduce Bettium, the analytical blockchain platform for peer-to-peer (P2P) betting, empowering users with a variety of innovative capabilities, as well as unprecedented flexibility and reliability.
Bettium provides users with simple and efficient tools to analyze Big Data. An Artificial Intelligence assistant (nicknamed “Merlin”) will allow players to execute tailor-made betting strategies autonomously. Those who prefer to rely on the expertise of professionals will be able to subscribe to specialized forecasts, mimic their bets, or even completely entrust funds to an expert for a small fee.
On our platform odds are determined by the players betting against each other, not by a third-party bookmaker, totalizer, or other centralized authority. Bettium is an analytical platform, not an intermediary, providing powerful data tools and services to help players make educated decisions. With a few clicks of the mouse, an amateur can bet like a professional, forecasting and earning on par with industry leaders. Bettium’s fees are miniscule compared to traditional bookmakers 0.15% vs. 7-10% - which will incentivize mass migration to the platform.
Bettium is a game-changer. Our functionality levels the playing field between amateurs and professionals, opening a world of possibilities for everyday users in all corners of the globe. The world of betting is a treasure trove waiting to be unlocked – and Bettium is the key

Bettium reviews

Henrique Centieiro
Blockchain ICO Project Manager
Rated on May 31, 2018

TEAM: I met some of the team members in Hong Kong. The team have already a good track record developing IT projects and some of the team members have a successful track record in past ICOs. They are professional and highly knowledgeable.
VISION: The project is very well designed, the betting market is huge and the team knows how to target this market starting with the e-sports bets.
PRODUCT: the product is extremely well design and it is possible to implement it from the development point of view. Bettium has the potential to scale and the technology that is going to be developed allows them to grow.
At the moment, 31/05/2018, the product is not developed yet. Will give a 4 to the product because it is possible to develop and the team has the skills.

Stas Sokolovsky
International lawyer, L.L.M.
Rated on Jun 18, 2018

No information about all team members, but generally team is good. Very bad feedback from russian speaking community manager. No MVP available to check at this moment and no gambling license for remote betting. There are no details about legal entity of the issuer and no token sale agreement.

ICO Analyzer Bot
Rated on Sep 2, 2018

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Price in ICO

1 BETT = 0.05 USD

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Bettium platform

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Distributed in ICO
Soft cap
7,500,000 USD
Hard cap
30,000,000 USD

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Ben Marrel


Nathan Hunt


Brian Bellerose

Chief Legal Officer

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