BitCoin Ichip initial coin offering (ICO)

Secure, Anonymous and Fast Betting Platform

Bitcoin Ichip offers a platform where users can come and buy tokens to place bets at various gambling platforms associated with us. Our decentralized system ensures complete security and fairness in the games you play. Maintaining trust of our users is our paramount objective. The rise of various crypto currencies is not hidden from anyone. Bitcoin Ichip is expected to witness the same rise because of its limited supply. This provides owners of Bitcoin Ichip tokens to earn really good money in a very short period. Bitcoin Ichip token can be used in more than just one way. Other than using it for placing bets online, owners can also trade their tokens whenever they wish to.

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2018-04-01 - 2018-06-30
BCI Token
Price in ICO
1 BCI = 0.2 USD
preICO start
Mar 18, 2018
preICO end
Mar 31, 2018
ICO start
Apr 1, 2018
ICO end
Jun 30, 2018
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About BitCoin Ichip ICO

A significant advantage of a decentralised system as presented by Bitcoin Ichip platform is freedom and flexibility because it is an online betting platform that is conducted through smart contracts rather than on a centralized network of computers. An online betting system that is hinged on smart contracts helps eliminate the trust in a potentially corrupt administrator, is a part of the revolution the Bitcoin Ichip system is positioned to champion. Flexibility and security are major advantages that come with the use of a decentralized system. Your location doesn’t matter with the use of blockchain technology. The blockchain system of financial transactions is more independent and decentralized to give you total freedom over your transactions.

Every game associated with Bitcoin Ichip uses block chain method. This peer to peer system results in a decentralized system of data. This protects the player from any fraud or forgery because it is almost impossible to get into the block chain system and manipulate it. What this means is that if you play games online with our platform, the chances of your transaction being tracked are slim. Decentralized currency makes exchange similar to cash exchanges so playing games through a decentralized protocol is one way in which no participant can be cheated. With the help of an anonymous cryptocurrency wallet, the user will be able to play poker online without making a deposit or waiting until a deposit or withdrawal operation is approved by the system. Your location doesn’t matter with the use of block chain technology. The blockchain system of financial transactions is more independent and decentralized to give you total freedom over your transactions.

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BitCoin Ichip ICO price

Price in ICO

1 BCI = 0.2 USD

BitCoin Ichip (BCI Token) crypto

BitCoin Ichip coin

BitCoin Ichip token
BCI Token
BitCoin Ichip type
BitCoin Ichip platform

BitCoin Ichip market cap

BitCoin Ichip market capitalization
$ -1

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Himanshu Pandey

Chief Technical Officer

Malay Tripathi

Blockchain Architect

Sathish Kumar

Business Development Head

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