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The Future of Hiring is Here

Caerus Connections is developing a hiring ecosystem that utilizes blockchain technology to record objective and verified employee data, as well as store selected, subjective data, such as salary requirements and one’s willingness to relocate. Using the blockchain ensures an accurate and comprehensive portrayal of each individual’s talents and motivations. Furthermore, businesses will be able to easily search and navigate verified candidate information to find the right employee. In the current market, this is not possible. Using the Ethereum blockchain, Caerus Connections will create a safe, streamlined, and transparent environment for job seekers and employers internationally.

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2018-04-09 - 2018-06-30
Price in ICO
1 CAER = 0.0024 ETH
Soft cap
5,000 ETH
Hard cap
25,000 ETH
preICO start
Jan 1, 2018
preICO end
Apr 8, 2018
ICO start
Apr 9, 2018
ICO end
Jun 30, 2018
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About Caerus Connections ICO

The recruiting industry is bloated and inefficient, costing companies $200 billion annually on the promotion, search, and screening of candidates for open positions. Recruiters are expensive—often charging 25% of the first year’s salary per hire—and too often are more vested in short-term, rather than long-term, results. In this landscape, companies are severely challenged to efficiently and cost-effectively fill open positions.

Candidates also face significant challenges. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 41 million people annually in the United States look for a new job, but the job search process is cumbersome, time consuming, and often limited to an individual’s network. Many qualified candidates get lost in a sea of generic résumés and are filtered out by automated software. In fact, 83% of job seekers find the whole process to be a poor experience1.

Caerus Connections™ is designing a way to improve this expensive, incomplete, and inexact process through a blockchain-based hiring platform. The Caerus Connections™ platform (consisting of a web app and mobile app UIs) will provide businesses with an extensive searchable candidate database while allowing candidates to showcase a complete representation of his/her job qualifications and desires. Companies will be able to target and directly contact qualified candidates, cutting out the expensive, biased, and cumbersome process of an outside recruiting agency.

A unique and powerful feature of Caerus Connections™ is the inclusion of an established and psychometrically valid, online assessment that measures the workplace motivators of individual job candidates. This assessment identifies nine workplace motivators (e.g. Desire for Structure, Willingness to Change, Innovation and Creativity, etc.) that enables individuals and corporations to match open positions with candidate/employer priorities. This data provides both parties a comprehensive and objective understanding of the requirements of the open position and of the “fitness” of the candidate. This sharing of in-depth motivation data results in better matches, better hires, and tangible cost and time savings.

Caerus Connections™ is the only recruitment site to offer this level of information, transparency, value, and return to both job candidates and hiring companies.

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Price in ICO

1 CAER = 0.0024 ETH

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Soft cap
5,000 ETH
Hard cap
25,000 ETH

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Brad Hoffman

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