CamX initial coin offering (ICO)

LiveCAM neXt generation

We created not just a livecam site, we created a platform for online communication between models and members. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, the maximum involvement of the member will be realized in the activity in the member area of the website, and this ensures a longer period of activity of each paying member than on other sites. The prototype of our livecam site you can find here Already work such modules like video streaming, chat, registration of members and models, in the near future will be launched a couple of streams with support, where you can ask questions. After registration, you will receive free credits to test the operation of our software. The first models for work will be available after the ICO.

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Starts in 2 years ago
2017-11-16 - 2017-12-18
Hard cap
25,000,000 USD
preICO start
Nov 2, 2017
preICO end
Nov 16, 2017
ICO start
Nov 16, 2017
ICO end
Dec 18, 2017
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About CamX ICO

The industry of online video chats (livecam) with a volume more than $ 2 billion a year every 2-3 years changes the leader. The main goal of the CamX project is to create a new livecam website, which will become a leader in the industry, and to keep the leadership in the future.
The main problems in this industry are:

  • Webmasters migrate from one partner network to another due to fraud (shave), when the partner network stops paying a per cent from the sales and rebills. Other livecam sites not always fix a client to webmaster and according to this webmasters are forced to work on several projects. Traffic is distributed among different livecam sites and in case of closure webmasters lose all income.

  • Models for increasing earnings are forced to work on several sites with different interface, design and payment conditions.

  • Members migrate from one site to another to search of interesting models, a user-friendly interface and an interesting community for communication.

CamX will solve all these problems. Our goal is to create a reliable and transparent platform for everyone using blockchain technology that can not fraud partners, the models will work comfortably and profitably, and the members will never want to go to another site. The client, once brought to the website by a webmaster, will be attached to him for life and as a result, the webmaster will receive the maximum revenue.
Except shave, there is another problem a migration of client to other sites for many reasons like design, bonuses, another models, etc. We solved this problem by dint of White Label system. Every webmaster can create his own website based on our livecam with a unique design, niche, bonus program and billing. There are many webmasters in the world who monetize traffic on webcam sites but they are distributed among dozens of affiliate programs and hundreds of paid sites. We will put them together, offering unique conditions without any risk and fraud, we offer a transparent statistics and of course a huge number of models. We have good-qualified team members, who have been working in adult industry since 2001. We gave webmasters, models, studio owners, traffic specialists, lowers, programmer and affiliate program managers. We know how to make the best webcam chat for models, studios, webmasters and, first of all, for the members which will increase the income.
Our formula of success: 1000 models will have 1000 members and will bring $1 billion per year.
There is a blockchain technology in CamX project and it works in the following way: all transactions are fixed in the global registry between affiliate program, billings, webmasters, studios, models and members. Thanks to that shave is impossible and each participant will receive the maximum profit. And this is our main feature of the project.
All investors as a bonus will receive lifetime access to the CamX website with free credit and access level depending on the amount of investment.

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Hard cap
25,000,000 USD

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Oleksandr Chub



Colin Drury



Dmitry Alentiev

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after the 18th of January

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beginning of July 2018

WePower idea

beginning of March 2018

WePower idea

December 18, 2017

WePower idea

December 2nd, 2017

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early April

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early August

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end of December 2017 - early January 2018

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end of January 2018 - early February 2018

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end of March

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February 2018

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mid-April 2018

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