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Color is the next generation platform for high-performance sophisticated Decentralized Applications. At Color, we’re building a platform to host sophisticated dApps to attract users and build a community. These dApps employ human-centered design so non-technical users may adopt the platform. By removing the technical barriers to entry and making dApps easy, anyone should be able to use them. Think Color.

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2018-09-19 - 2018-10-22
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1 COL = 0.0005 ETH
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Sep 19, 2018
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Oct 22, 2018
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About Color ICO

Color is the next generation platform for high-performance sophisticated Decentralized Applications.
Our key technology called Color Spectrum integrates developer partners on a decentralized high-performance computing platform to host their dApps. Color Spectrum allows partners to utilize the computing resources of the whole network for their dApps on our high-performance Color Spectrum platform with concurrent execution.
Blockchains are still reliant on prototype-level dApps, which are plagued by scalability issues. Color aims to revolutionize the dApp ecosystem by developing enterprise-level dApps. Moreover, instead of hosting a plethora of unrelated services on a single platform, Color dApps will be powered by a single unified cryptocurrency, the Color Coin (COL).
To accelerate spreading of Color Coins with an explosive network effect, the Color Platform uses unique Pixel Program where participants get incentives for their active participation in spreading Color Coin throughout network. The Color Platform is focused on the fair distribution and active usage of tokens to promote a vibrant token community. The Pixel Program as one of core dApps will serve the proliferation of Color Coin and the growth and strength of the Color Platform.
The Color Team has already been developing the dApp ecosystem with four dApps: Dailytto, Reward Inc, Color Design, and Color Guide and is in talks with various partners to rapidly expand their dApp product base.
Another revolutionary solution offered by Color Platform involves hardware, namely Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) chip. Powered by PUF-based transactions, Color Platform improves transaction speed by enabling consensus between only the two engaged nodes. This end-to-end consensus bypasses the need for third-party confirmation and minimizes the delay between transactions. Users can send and receive any type of transaction with minimum confirmation delay.
The Color governance system is at the cornerstone of Color’s strategy to become a dominant coin in the space. The governance structure is such that the decisions are made on the platform from the beginning and will evolve to fulfill ongoing needs to serve organic exponential growth of the Color ecosystem in fair and well-balanced manner among five major stakeholders: new users, existing users, stakers/council members, developers/maintainers, and Color network infrastructure providers.

Color reviews

Stephan De Haes
ICO Advisor, Community leader and COO/Co-founder
Rated on Aug 21, 2018

The project has a very big international team and a great amount of advisors. They have all the experience needed to make the project succesful. The biggest part of the team has an active LinkedIn profile with past experiences included. The Whitepaper is very detailed about what they want to achieve and they bring something new to the dApp-space. the Pixel program is very interesting. The first 4 dApss are already developed. Social media is also active. 62.5% of total token supply will be sold in the ICO which is high for industry standards which makes it more attractive for investors. This is a project with lots of potential.

Paul Scott
STO-ITO-ICO Advisory | Strategy | Decentralization | Commercialization
Rated on Aug 23, 2018

A dApp marketplace is nothing new, however starting a project with 4 dApps already built is testament to the strength and depth of this team. They have been together for a while and this pivot will be very interesting on their team dynamic.

The vision is relatively standard, and I'm interested in how it pans out. I do have a question over the use of micro-rewards (Pixels, in this project)and how they relate to the token - I understand how they relate, I wonder if they are 100% necessary? I like focus to stay on the token and for that to be the centre-piece of a project's ecosystem.

Not having a platform MVP is an issue for me, as I think this is critical for projects in this market. This rating would have been lower - however due to the dApps that have been developed, and the past experience of the team working together, it is at a 3.

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Rated on Sep 2, 2018

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