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Trading Platform for Options Trading

The official group of the doBETacceptBET project, designed to change options' market. Our experience in trading margin options on financial markets, as well as the active use of barrier options in the foreign exchange market, allows us to develop a trading platform based on blockchain and crypto currency technologies. This platform will have its own payment system, which will allow participants to purchase and sell options using the DCA coin token. Thus, participants will be able to buy and sell options. The launch of the trading platform is scheduled for the end of the fourth quarter of 2017. and, judging by the reviews players, our service will attract both speculative and institutional investors. Fundraising and issuance of DCA coin token will help finance the marketing and advertising of the trading platform, as well as the development of technology for a smart contract (logic of the trading system) based on Ethereum blockchain inside the platform. DCA coins will be used for internal settlements between participants in the trading platform with a view to guaranteed payment of the winnings at the expense of the funds of the participant who undertook to pay it. DCA coin token will provide an opportunity to use the technology of a smart contract, to develop a decentralized option market and to enable participants to use all the opportunities on the options market: to speculate, engage in arbitration, hedge own operations.

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2018-01-15 - 2018-07-01
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1 DCA = 0.01 USD
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Jan 15, 2018
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Jul 1, 2018
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Benefits of DCA coin Fundraising
Entering the bet market with a turnover of 230 bln. USD and obtaining even a small part of it in 0.1% - this means 230 mln. USD turnover per year.
The fundraising for DCA will expand financial opportunities for a faster capture of share on this market.
At least 50% of all raised funds will be used for marketing.
Marketing will be aimed at attracting both gamblers and algorithmic traders.
A separate work to attract sports bars, pubs and other entertainment facilities, which are now forbidden to take bets, and to trade tokens on our site is allowed always and everywhere.
Also an active marketing company in the e-sports segment will be held.
Will be possible sponsorship of young prospective teams with DCA game tokens.
Cybersport is a highly technological, with young participants, an actively developing and dynamic market.
A large component of marketing will be aimed at increasing the organic traffic of players and direct purchase of installations (traffic).
Installations will be purchased from various sources, including Facebook, Google Adwords, message boards and on specialized resources for betting market traffic.
In addition to the traditional forms of marketing, the functionality of the smart contract technology Betcoin allows to create a number of unique additional functions for the trading system platform.

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Price in ICO

1 DCA = 0.01 USD

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Dmitry Shikhalev

CEO & Founder

Alexey Tarabanov

Head of the Department of Analytics and Finance.

Igor Titov

Head of development and technical implementation of the project

Ekaterina Kuznetzova


Iliy Komar

Web application, programming front-end. The developer of the platform.

Maxim Krochalev

The programmer of the whole platform.

Andrey Naumov

Web designer

Ilya Vorchuk

Web designer, developer

Alexey Ivanov

Public Relations Chief

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