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Let Debugging be the Medicine

A Million commits a day? There's a doctor to pay! We've reached the point where companies expect feature-rich apps developed in days or weeks not months or years. They expect the apps to be secure, scalable, and free of defects. Thanks to Open Source Software, this is entirely possible! ... right As Panama Papers learned, Maybe not. But are blog owners alone? No. Stores on Opencart, Magento, and basically anything built using Drupal were all at risk at various points. Virtually every software product suffered--open source or not.

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2019-12-13 - 2019-12-13
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1 ETH = 10 DOC
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We are moving, quickly, into an age of Digital, Cryptographically secured funds. 
First there was Bitcoin. Simple payments from one PGP key to another. 
Now there's Ethereum executing open source code in a turing complete virtual machine with a synchronized and global shared state. 
This new technology, naturally, attracted participants from all walks of life--notably criminals. 
Recently, Wannacry ransomware made headlines. People's valuable data encrypted; a king's ransom demanded--your data's weight in (almost) untraceable crypto currency. 
That's because along with the age of Digital, Cryptographically secured funds came the age of Cyberwarefare. 
What was once the weapon of a powerful Nation State with the capability to effect its ends through conventional warfare became the play thing of any malicious engineer or tinkerer with a greedy lust for quick anonymous wealth. 

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Price in ICO

1 ETH = 10 DOC

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