ENDO Protocol initial coin offering (ICO)

ENDO Blockchain Protocol

The ENDO ecosystem allows organisations and users to participate in information and service exchange through the ENDO Token. All applications of this system have one goal – to create a single secure and certified environment for all important data. All your personal, corporate and publicly available information about education, identity, medical records and the like – can be controlled through the ENDO Platform. The platform will provide protected access of your stored information to third parties of your choice. Organisations can connect their own applications to the ENDO Platform through API to intertrade information, and users will receive ENDO Tokens as a reward for granting access to their data.

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Starts in 2 years ago
2018-05-20 - 2018-08-25
Price in ICO
1 ET = 0.375 USD
Soft cap
5,000,000 USD
Hard cap
15,000,000 USD
ICO start
May 20, 2018
ICO end
Aug 25, 2018
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About ENDO Protocol ICO

ENDO is a Blockchain, a protocol and various data verification services. The Ecosystem of the ENDO protocol creates a decentralized environment for verified data. Data that people and robots will be able to trust: remotely, instantly, and safely.
Using the ENDO protocol, you can create private and public Blockchain, configure levels of access to information, the conditions for data exchange between different organizations, and depersonalize and protect data.
On the basis of the ENDO protocol, applications have been created that allow the transfer of paper documents with ink signatures to digital ones; a person can receive a digital certificate of their identity; brand things to create a digital passport of authenticity.
Anyone will be able to create their own applications based on the ENDO protocol as early as the beginning of 2019.
The ENDO Ecosystem allows organizations and users to participate in the information exchange process and use the services with the ENDO token.
All ENDO applications and products have one goal - to create a single, secure and certified environment for any type of data.
Now you can manage your personal, corporate, and public information about achievements, awards, indicators, transactions, etc., using the ENDO platform. By your consent, the platform provides secure access to your stored information to third parties.
The Alpha version of the first ENDO-based application is already operational and is currently used by large training organizations, transport companies and universities in Russia. At this stage of development, the following basic functions are available in the Alpha version: creation and publication of documents in the test network, cancellation, distributed document acknowledgment, owner addition and sharing, open API and OAuth for integration with institutions.

ENDO Protocol reviews

Muhamad Attia
CEO of Genesis Tech & blockchain investor/advisor
Rated on Jul 12, 2018

Very good concept, i suggest they finish the MVP and product demo before ICO ends, how ever the team looks promising, the market needs more projects like this

Igor Karavaev
ico advisor and investor
Rated on Jul 14, 2018

The team is numerous and dedicated, but I would suggest to add advisors as well. The idea itself is interesting and has evident business perspectives. I would also suggest to add more financials in the wp

Mofassair Hossain
CEO and Founder Perhalic, ICO Advisor, Investor, PR and Marketing Expert
Rated on Jul 19, 2018

Team is quite experienced and have good knowledge about blockchain technology. Will suggest to take some advisors too .
About vision this is a good vision ... but want to see some more competitive analysis on whitepaper....
About mvp I saw the demo version of the product it looks good will love to see a complete mvp. Best of luck team.

Conston Taylor
ICO Advisor | ICO Analyst | Blockchain Researcher
Rated on Aug 19, 2018

This project has the goal to create a single secure, certified environment for all critical information.

So the question becomes why does ENDO need to build their own blockchain? They do a very good job at laying out their case why they have chosen to fork off the EOS blockchain to create their own blockchain which include

1. Data verification, storage and creation of hashes of data.

2. Authentication of users and companies.

3. Storing of open data of apps and companies

4. Managing transactions.

5. Decentralization of the logic and data of the scoring system.

The next question is a permissioned blockchain the way to go? Based on the requirements to keep data private and secure the answer is a 100% yes. Decentralization purist will not like this but their is a balance that must be struck between being fully decentralized and fully centralized. I like the fact that ENDO is mindful of this and is only centralizing critical activities mainly for speed and and security. They are decentralizing other things that are not "security critical" such as data scoring models.

In order to analyze the case for ENDO creating their own blockchain you have to analyze their needs and requirements.

They have a good team and they seem very capable. I would like to see stronger leadership in technology positions though. Most of their senior leaders have marketing backgrounds including the founder which has a marketing automation background.

I read that they have a working product, I also asked the question in their telegram group and they indicated that there is a working product.

I have requested to see and test the product and was provided this information https://explorer.endo.im/explorer/blocks, along with a list of companies that are already using their blockchain.

The fact that they have a working product with customers is very strong.

The use case for this is strong as secure data, and verification has significant demand, and huge opportunities for blockchain adoption.

Their social stats are strong with 10k telegram users that are active and engaged.

This is one of the stronger projects that I have reviewed in the past 2 months.


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Rated on Sep 18, 2018

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ENDO Protocol ICO price

Price in ICO

1 ET = 0.375 USD

ENDO Protocol (ET) crypto

ENDO Protocol coin

ENDO Protocol token
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ENDO Protocol platform

ENDO Protocol (ET) value

Tokens for sale

ENDO Protocol market cap

ENDO Protocol market capitalization
$ 5000000

ENDO Protocol investment info

Min. investment
300 USD
Distributed in ICO
Soft cap
5,000,000 USD
Hard cap
15,000,000 USD

ENDO Protocol whitepaper

ENDO Protocol team

Apply as an advisor

Bruce Porter Jr

Official representative in the USA

Yan Palmachinskiy

CEO, founder

Kohei Shinoki

Marketing strategy consultant

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