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Experimental is a community of developers, communicators, designers, gamers, engineers and businessmen sharing the same passion: the blockchain. We believe the potential of this technology is colossal and that the world has only seen a tiny part of it. We want to unleash the power of the blockchain, and the only way to do so is to find and develop ideas that can be valued by everyone.

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2019-11-17 - 2019-11-17
Price in ICO
500 e11 = 1 ETH
preICO start
Aug 28, 2017
preICO end
Aug 28, 2017
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About Experimental ICO

Experimental will select only 300 individuals to join the PRE-ICO.
We are looking for driven and active collaborators that believe and will help achieve our vision. Selected collaborators will be able to invest a minimum of 1 ETH and a maximum of 10 ETH. We want to thank all potential collaborators for taking the time to apply, and that’s why all addresses registered on the google form will get five e11 tokens.
What’s an experiment?
The Experimental team will choose and develop projects that will show the millions how the blockchain works, these projects will be called experiments and can go from a mobile game on the blockchain, to any other kind of creative and innovative applications. The possibilities are endless, as our team is complemented by the community and distributed through many areas of expertise.
Our Vision
The whole world is realizing that the blockchain technology is here to stay, every day we see a new major organization acknowledging one way or another the benefits of a distributed network. Regardless of the efforts of the blockchain community, the industry leaders, media and governments, there’s still a major percentage of the population that doesn’t understand how this technology will upgrade every industry we know. This is the exact reason why we founded Experimental. Experimental will show the world how the blockchain can be applied to daily life.
What’s e11?
e11 is the community’s own ethereum-based ERC20 token that will play a fundamental role in all our experiments. We want e11 to be an easy-access token for everyone, that’s why users of our experiments will be able to buy them directly from our website without any hassle.
This is not our first project and it will certainly not be our last. We commit to Experimental and that’s why our tokens will be vested.
We are looking for active and enriching supporters that will help us build a great Experimental community. Our PRE-ICO will be hard-capped at 300 collaborators (300~3000 ETH)

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Price in ICO

500 e11 = 1 ETH

Experimental (e11) crypto

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Luciano Bertenasco

Technical Lead

Matias Nisenson

Business Lead

Sebastian Giro

Blockchain Expert

Experimental milestones

Aug 28 2017

WePower idea

Dec 1 2018

WePower idea

Jun 1 2018

WePower idea

Nov 15 2017

WePower idea

Nov 27 2017

WePower idea

Oct 1 2018

WePower idea

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