FundersToken initial coin offering (ICO)

Empowered Blockchain Engine

FundersToken is an interoperable smart contract factory, with our module, and platform, businesses can build blockchain technology with ease.

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2018-06-15 - 2018-07-31
FST Token
Price in ICO
1 ETH = 3,600 FST
Hard cap
29,250 ETH
ICO start
Jun 15, 2018
ICO end
Jul 31, 2018
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About FundersToken ICO

FundersToken is a business augmentation tool that allows businesses to issue their own Tokens and bring their business to the Blockchain environment, without the waste of sourcing for technical involvement.

Again, at the very least we can achieve is branded Smart Token offerings. At the most, we allow business to own a funder community for sustainability and adopt the benefits from Blockchain technology.

In short, FundersToken has created a technology management system to allow all businesses to issue Tokens based on our designed business rules (risk and security management for all stakeholders).

All kinds of Tokens will be smart when several smart contracts can support most business to digitally transform. No longer the value of a Token will be based on speculations, but like all investments with true benchmarks.

We aim to deliver this thoughtful framework towards Tokenisation standards in the future. Furthermore, the standards will ultimately help our world build reasonable and supportive regulations, and also the open-minded social awareness for Blockchain and Tokenisation.
And most importantly, we support people who want to run proper business, or who are already doing it.

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FundersToken ICO price

Price in ICO

1 ETH = 3,600 FST

FundersToken (FST Token) crypto

FundersToken coin

FundersToken token
FST Token
FundersToken type
FundersToken platform

FundersToken investment info

Distributed in ICO
Hard cap
29,250 ETH

FundersToken whitepaper

FundersToken team

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Jack Chu

CEO, Co-Founder

Darren Goh

CMO, Co-Founder

Noel Bao

CTO, Co-Founder

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