Galleon Quest initial coin offering (ICO)

Recover and Preserve Ancient Sunken Treasure

GALLEON QUEST enables external investors to purchase a part of its historic shipwreck backed projects by bringing the opportunity to market by means of a very unique ICO, in order to create an opportunity to gain value in the ICO through the gold, silver, gems and other treasure recovered by GQ for the coin holder. To that end, we plan that initially, 20% of the recovery will go to buying back some coins from the coin holders and discontinuing use of the bought back coins to potentially lift the value of each SEA Coin. We believe this will lower the volatility of market prices for the tokens and increase demand by limited supply. Galleon Quest (GQ) was formed to take advantage of the work done over hundreds of years of history. GQ was formed to take advantage of calamities that befell many a people during those periods, including not only the original ship owners and crew, but any salvors who came along afterwards with primitive equipment or lack of adequate funding. We are modern day pirates, but pirates with a purpose. Or, perhaps it would be more accurate if you think of us as “privateers” rather than pirates, as privateers were legally licensed for their work, and we will be working within the law, not outside of it. If you want in on the excitement then read on about how to claim your booty.

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2019-12-09 - 2019-12-09
Price in ICO
1 SEA = 0.50 USD
Soft cap
10,000 ETH
preICO start
Mar 13, 2018
preICO end
Nov 15, 2018
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About Galleon Quest ICO

Galleon Quest IO - The most adventurous and mystical ICO of all times. Aiming to Recover and Preserve Ancient Sunken Treasure as Assets and you can own those treasures by buying your share as SEA Tokens. It’s like a game, only in real life.

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Galleon Quest ICO price

Price in ICO

1 SEA = 0.50 USD

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Soft cap
10,000 ETH

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Lee Spence

James Sinclair

Lawrence Duprey

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