Habibicoin initial coin offering (ICO)

The Real Estate Backed Crypto Currency

Habibi Coin is a community solution to help its members participate in fractional real estate ownership without having high incomes, credit scores or co-signers. The average person can never be a homeowner or real estate investor due to strict pre-requirements from lenders. A significant portion of the market is underserved. Habibi Coin aims to create equal opportunity for anyone to participate in real estate.

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2018-04-30 - 2018-07-17
Price in ICO
1 HBB = 0.05 USD
ICO start
Apr 30, 2018
ICO end
Jul 17, 2018
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About Habibicoin ICO

Habibi Coin is a community solution to help its members participate in fractional real estate ownership without having high incomes, credit scores and co signers. The average person can never be a home owner or real estate investor due to strict pre requirements from lenders. A significant portion of the market is underserved. Habibi Coin aims to create equal opportunity for anyone to participate in real estate. We focus on government backed projects, developments with large scale reputable developers with extensive track records, housing societies, new towers and multiple other areas like commercial, flipping, fixing, leasing, pre sales, Airbnb’s and more. 75% of all funds raised go towards building a thriving real estate portfolio in a global market so it is diversified across great projects all around the world and less exposed to a domestic downturn in any one area. 25% of all funds raised goes towards tackling homeownership challenges like interest bearing debts and mortgages. The average life span of a mortgage is 25-30 years with initial payments being 80% interest and 20% principle. As you pay the debt down the ratio changes to 60% principle and 40% interest. On an average $200,000 dollar mortgage you end up paying 3 times the cost in interest alone over its life span. Habibi Coin works with home owners to assess their situation, mortgage product and circumstances. Once approved it then buys out the mortgage in full essentially becoming the lender. All interest is removed from the equation completely. The home owner ends up paying 80% of each monthly payment directly towards the principle debt. This helps home owners pay down the debt in less than half the time in addition to reducing worry stress fear uncertainty and doubt. Habibi Coin also protects the home owner from foreclosure. With Habibi Coins system if the owner defaults over a certain period of time the property is put up for sale and the owner is given a cheque for the equity they have built up in their property over years of making payments. This ensures their hard work is never lost, their asset is protected and it is owned in full in half the time. A true community solution for its members to create economic prosperity safety and security for them and their families.

Habibicoin reviews

Jonathan Lane
CEO Blockvisory.com
Rated on May 31, 2018

Great Project and should help disrupt the real Estate mortgages for now and in the future. The project will be aimed to start in the middle east and then spread globally to help others around the world.

Eugene Podkovyroff
Investor, Decentralized Economics Researcher, Crypto Visionary, FinTech Pro, Startup Mentor and Advisor
Rated on Apr 28, 2018

Here should be a report for our investment club. But this project failed to pass our due diligence, especially in the part of data consistency and the founders background check. I won't give any links here. You can simply search Habibicoin top personalities, controversy was all over internet for quite some time. We dag into the public allegations and found some supporting evidences, enough to call the project shady. I'm not going any further, because that is enough already to stay away from any business with it.

The idea: the vision is nothing revolutionary or solid. There is no problem with making some realistic project and seek money for that, but in that case you have to show the ability and the bulletproof executive team profile, which is by far not the case here.

The team is not transparent. Most team members have no or multiple social media profiles with contradicting data on them. Some have newbie and almost empty social network accounts. Some team members even failed checks for their actual country of residency (no birth or immigration records found to match the person, no public records of the name change either). All that may be just a missing data and/or a bad ICO management, yet this is definitely a red flags array.

Also, some marketing events and promotional materials of Habibicoin have a distinct taste of BS (at best). Finanacial projections honestly wouldn't even have any value for review considering other facts, but they alone are way overoptimistic from the investment perspective. Risks analysis looks avoided, disregarded and/or neglected.

Several things about Habibicoin look "a bit off", please be extremely cautious considering any business or investment with in this ICO.

ICO Analyzer Bot
Rated on Sep 2, 2018

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Habibicoin ICO price

Price in ICO

1 HBB = 0.05 USD

Habibicoin (HBB) crypto

Habibicoin coin

Habibicoin token
Habibicoin type
Habibicoin platform

Habibicoin market cap

Habibicoin market capitalization
$ -1

Habibicoin investment info

Min. investment
100 USD
Distributed in ICO

Habibicoin whitepaper

Habibicoin team

Apply as an advisor

Musthak Beeroli

Affiliate Manager

Asif Aslam

Communications Manager

Rabie Tahir

PRE ICO/ICO Launch Manager

Habibicoin milestones

18th June - 18th July 2018

WePower idea

30th April - 17th June 2018

WePower idea

August - October 2018

WePower idea

August - October 2018

WePower idea

February - April 2018

WePower idea

January - February 2018

WePower idea

January - July 2018

WePower idea

July - August 2017

WePower idea

November - December 2017

WePower idea

September - November 2017

WePower idea

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