Holdme initial coin offering (ICO)

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Holdme is a service created to bridge the communication gap between customers and companies, giving the possibility for any investor not only to speculate in the market but also to become a shareholder of the company, receiving consistent profits from the company’s growth. We have come up with a system that accepts and treats each and every customer equally, at the same time and the way customers want and expect.

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Starts in 2 years ago
2017-11-15 - 2017-12-15
Price in ICO
1 ETH = 3000 HME
Soft cap
500,000 HME
preICO start
Oct 15, 2017
preICO end
Nov 15, 2017
ICO start
Nov 15, 2017
ICO end
Dec 15, 2017
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About Holdme ICO

In simple terms, HOLD ME is a service created to bridge the gap between customers and the desired companies that provide services for them. This gap is in form of inadequate attention to detail on a customer’s problem(s) because companies usually have loads of traffic from other customers, which makes it difficult to handle each person’s request with the same tone and attention equally.
Every customer wants to be treated in a special way. Nobody wants to be treated like a number (queue number). We live in an era of where everything is personalized, and customer service is no different. Consumers want to feel important to the company.
Why is HOLD ME useful for business?

✓ It is the perfect tool to increase sales and to provide better services: The readability of messages in the messenger is 3 times higher than in the email.
✓ It helps in reducing the cost of contacting customer center: It usually costs more when contacting customer care and it requires 100% of the attention of the employee. By using HOLD ME, you can respond to unlimited chats simultaneously.
✓ It is the partnership which brings benefits for all the parties: become a partner, simply connect the companies and make the money. The more capitalization of the company, the bigger price of the coin.

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Holdme ICO price

Price in ICO

1 ETH = 3000 HME

Holdme (HME) crypto

Holdme coin

Holdme token
Holdme platform

Holdme (HME) value

Tokens for sale

Holdme market cap

Holdme market capitalization
$ 1022752.513

Holdme investment info

Min. investment
0.1 ETH
Soft cap
500,000 HME

Holdme whitepaper

Holdme team

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James Stark

Max Ivanov

Vladimir Fridman

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