InsureX initial coin offering (ICO)

An Insurance Solution based on Blockchain

InsureX is a marketplace for insurers, reinsurers and brokers to trade insurance products directly.

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2017-07-11 - 2017-07-13
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Jul 11, 2017
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Jul 13, 2017
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About InsureX ICO

Buy and Sell Insurance
Companies who have insurance products they wish to sell would list them on the market. Companies who wish to buy insurance would use the search or get notified of the listing.
Portfolio Management
In order to organise your transactions they can be structured as portfolios. High-level, aggregated information for the transactions is available.
Transaction Execution
When a suitable insurance product is found the participants begin the process of exchanging the required information. Each step is tracked in the platform.
Market Insights
In order to see what is on offer, and gain an understanding of the market, a rich and powerful dashboard gives you a real-time view.
The InsureX architecture is a cutting edge stack consisting of React, NodeJS, Ethereum Blockchain and OrientDB.
Blockchain Technology
Our marketplace leverages blockchain technology which offers all participants consistent, shared and secure processes. The nature of the decentralised blockchain allows a completely trustless interaction between parties which removes third party costs and commissions. Our platform leverages the Ethereum blockchain which makes it easier for external developers wishing to contribute without having to familiarise themselves with yet another blockchain implementation.
High-Performance Storage
In order to process certain transactions, private and confidential information is required to be stored and exchanged. Our storage is a secured NoSQL data fabric. It compliments the blockchain network by providing fast access to different data such as medical records or other confidential information.
Multiple levels of security, external authentication and strong usage profiling are included.
Application Stack
The UI is implemented using React which is fast and responsive. We use a Node.js backend which handles most of the business logic. The React and Node.js combination has proven to be a very fast, lightweight and robust approach. The UI renders on tablets and phones and as part of our roadmap we’re developing a mobile app, in order to take advantage of the native phone and tablet capabilities.

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Ingemar Svensson

Founder and CEO

Cristina Dolan

Co-Founder and COO

Mikael Olofsson

Co-Founder and Entrepreneur in Residence

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