Kencoin initial coin offering (ICO)

Adult Industry Focused Cryptocurrency

Kencoin is an industry-specific cryptocurrency, targeting the adult entertainment sector. Their mission is to serve as the standard currency for anonymous, safe transactions in all sex and dating-related purchases. Users’ desire to preserve absolute privacy creates major hurdles for businesses in the adult sector. Many prospective customers visit websites that fulfill their fantasies, only to drop out of the signup/payment process at the moment the website asks for personal or financial details. Thus, owners of adult websites lose a significant amount of business every day, simply because their users lack a safe, anonymous way to pay for the content they want. Kencoin solves this problem in one stroke, with a completely anonymous cryptocurrency that leverages blockchain technology to provide users with anonymity, privacy and secured transactions, while delivering previously unreachable alpha to adult industry merchants.

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Starts in 2 years ago
2017-08-22 - 2017-09-22
Price in ICO
1 ETH = 4,000 KNC
ICO start
Aug 22, 2017
ICO end
Sep 22, 2017
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About Kencoin ICO

No Risk of Charge-backs

All Kencoin transactions are protected by the Kencoin network which mean merchants can accept payments without worrying about the threat of fraud or chargebacks.

Usable in the physical world

Kencoin creators have assured partnership with physical merchants and services providers that will accept the Kencoin trough a mobile wallet.

Unbeatable cryptography and security models based on the most reliable and modern encryption protocols and algorithms. Appropriate measures to guarantee data security implemented.
Full Validation
Kencoin Core ensures every block and transaction it accepts is valid, increasing not only your security but also helping prevent miners and banks from taking control of Kencoin
Full anonymity
Cryptocurrency wallets are anonymous, and our partners will not require any log-ins or registrations, thereby providing absolute anonymity.
Little to No Fees
There are no fees for merchants to accept Kencoins and there are no fees for storing Kencoins.

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Price in ICO

1 ETH = 4,000 KNC

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Laurent Chekroun

CEO and Co-founder

Nicolay Livadkin


Michael Rabi


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