Lewt initial coin offering (ICO)

Monetize your media

The Lewt software introduces a technology that allows for any HTML element to be monetized. It connects the element type, id, class and its location on the page with a value and cooldown period that controls how often the element value (“loot”) can be earned by a website visitor. HTML elements can be chained together over multiple pages to require clicks to be performed in a sequence before loot is transferred. Loot can also be distributed in reverse as donations for viewing content or charges for premium content. The GetLewt platform is the first implementation of this technology.

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Starts in 2 years ago
2017-09-15 - 2017-10-15
Price in ICO
2000 LEWT = 1 ETH
ICO start
Sep 15, 2017
ICO end
Oct 15, 2017
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About Lewt ICO

We have heard the calls from content creators who are finding it increasingly difficult to make a living from ad revenue and other online streams of income. The Lewt technology enables anyone to monetize any content on their website or on the GetLewt platform with little effort. The Lewt token is used to tip content creators and get paid for premium content and services you offer. Read more about Lewt in our technical white paper.

After over a year in development, our MVP is now available as the first milestone towards implementing our longterm vision of building the best tools for monetizing digital content on the internet. View the video to see how to tip YouTube videos imported into the GetLewt platform, or explore this gallery for yourself by clicking the view gallery button.
We are currently in development expanding the Lewt features and improving the user experience. We are building professional themes and premium services on the GetLewt platform that will enable you to quickly get all your digital content monetized, even if you don't have a website. We also offer a stand-alone version of Lewt that allows you to monetize any content on your own website. Just like with our platform, we intend to grow this stand-alone version to include more competitive elements and gaming related features to keep visitors on your website.
With our MVP completed, the first rich media theme is ready for use. It monetizes digital content via tips for many types of media such as images, videos, music and file attachments. You can also reward your visitors for viewing your content, and embed the gallery as a widget on your website. All media uploaded is running on Amazon servers utilizing a content delivery network making your content load lightning fast anywhere in the world.

If you choose to link to content already uploaded elsewhere such as on YouTube or Spotify, you can import it automatically and start accepting tips right away. For future templates, we are building a great variety of styles to support marketing campaigns, competitions and other features to monetize your content.
With your Lewt coins you can pay for services as they become available on the GetLewt platform, or by spending them on member services and content. Below is a small list of features we are planning for our platform.

  • Offer subscriptions for your premium content

  • Charge one-time fees for viewing content

  • Organize competitions, offer digital coupons and physical goods as rewards

  • Reporting tools for viewing how your visitors are navigating and looting your website

  • Use custom domain names for your sites

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Price in ICO

2000 LEWT = 1 ETH

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0.1 ETH
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