Magnum Link initial coin offering (ICO)

Buy and trade precious metals & gems efficiently

We are a registered company with a valid license to operate exploration, mining and refining operations. We discover minerals and exploitation opportunities in Sierra Leone and internationally with the goal of allowing investors more secure and efficient way to trade precious minerals. We are creating a trading platform for precious metals and gems, but we are also developing a growing business of mining and refining that will be perpetually issuing tokens with real and not imaginary value!

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2020-02-27 - 2020-02-27
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About Magnum Link ICO

Magnum Link pursues the following goals:

  • Granting access to one of the most profitable sectors of the real economy for each interested investor, regardless of the investment amount.

  • Creation of suitable and efficient instrument to expand a cryptocurrency portfolio not only with managing tokens but also with tokens secured by precious metals and diamonds.

  • Creation of a blockchain platform for precious metals and diamond lots trade by all interested parties, including private investors at any level.

  • Full integration of blockchain technologies and a real sector of the economy, the establishment of an entirely transparent management and reporting systems of a company using a blockchain technology.

  • The arrangement of certified high-technological refining by environmental standards of Sierra Leone, both for processing of own raw materials and those purchased from local and regional mining companies.

  • Manufacture of the cast and minted certified bullion.

  • Measurement of mineral reserves in the licensed area in Sierra Leone according to PERC standard and their further mining.

  • Broadening the licensed area, with a further arrangement of geological exploration and mining in new licensed areas.

  • Creation of new jobs, also in one of the most underdeveloped countries of the world – Sierra Leone.

  • Use of different jurisdiction to ensure complete lawfulness of project ownership and management, turnover of tokens, bullion and lots of uncut diamonds, as well as ensure complete legal security to holders of all token types, which is the highest level of anonymity for investors.
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