Monarch initial coin offering (ICO)

The Ultimate Payment Solution

The Ultimate Payment Solution for both Businesses and Consumers, pairing a CMS Plugin for blockchain-payments with a mobile and desktop wallet for consumers.

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Starts in 1 year ago
2018-08-15 - 2018-12-31
Price in ICO
1 MT = 0.10 USD
Soft cap
2,000,000 USD
Hard cap
50,000,000 USD
preICO start
Jul 15, 2018
preICO end
Aug 14, 2018
ICO start
Aug 15, 2018
ICO end
Dec 31, 2018
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About Monarch ICO

Currently, there are large barriers to entering into the cryptocurrency space.
The process of buying or selling crypto assets - and then trying to cash them out into fiat currency - is not a simple one. In fact, the act of trading and investing in cryptocurrencies still requires a certain degree of technical knowledge.
The crypto space poses a variety of risks in regards to the management of private keys and seeds, which can be easily misplaced, lost or stolen. Moreover, the countless KYC processes and account setups required by the exchanges create even more entry barriers. There is also the possibility of financial losses related to market volatility and crypto asset devaluation.
Monarch aims to address all these limitations. We have a team of some of the best and brightest minds in cryptocurrency and software development. We understand the issues and have the means to solve them.
We plan to create a platform that allows the user to add their bank account information into Monarch, allowing the purchase of crypto assets solely from the Monarch platform. From Monarch, they would be able to buy or sell crypto assets, then transfer the fiat back into their bank account. We plan to create a password generation tool that will provide electronic storage of users’ private keys and passwords to all their crypto and non crypto sites or services.
We plan to integrate a recurring payments tool that will allow users to monitor, start, and stop all subscription services to places like Netflix, mortgage companies, utility bills, car payments, Amazon etc. All of this is made possible with a simple swipe of our mobile app.
We will use 10% of all token sale proceeds to back the value of Monarch Security Tokens with physical, verifiable silver assets. 10% of the transaction fees will also be used to purchase silver assets, ensuring that one day, with proper adoption, Monarch tokens will become a fully backed silver asset. This token system will help combat volatility or a worthless cryptocurrency.
Monarch is offering an extremely useful and free Minimum Viable Product (MVP) at the start of this endeavor. The MVP will be launched on the Apple Store and will consist of a mobile app that will allow cold storage of BTC, ETC and all ERC-20 Tokens. It will have a portfolio tracker and a news/events section to keep users up-to-date on the news and the status of all their crypto assets.
Using an easy to understand interface, the user will be able to control their everyday bills, services, subscriptions, passwords and trade crypto assets from a few swipes on their screen. We are bringing cryptocurrency to the masses

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Monarch ICO price

Price in ICO

1 MT = 0.10 USD

Monarch (MT) crypto

Monarch coin

Monarch token
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Monarch platform

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Min. investment
0.1 ETH
Distributed in ICO
Soft cap
2,000,000 USD
Hard cap
50,000,000 USD

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Monarch team

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Sneh Bhatt

CEO & Co-founder

Robert Beadles

President & Co-founder

Dylan Ander


Monarch milestones

Q1 2019

WePower idea

Q2 2018

WePower idea

Q2 2019

WePower idea

Q4 2018

WePower idea

Q4 2019

WePower idea

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