MulTra initial coin offering (ICO)

Get Paid for Reading News

Millions of people read news on a daily basis. The MulTra News App pays readers for reading news. At the same time, news publishers earn substantial revenues. The news industry is in decline. While music and movie distributors like Spotify and Netflix have established successful subscription-based revenue models, news publishers did not replicate their success yet. MulTra Tokens ensure news content monetization. The MulTra News App is a blockchain-powered news aggregator that uses AI to consolidate news based on readers' interests into an all-in-one, personalized experience. Mass adoption of MulTra Token is ensured because it’s the first cryptocurrency for millions of people entering the crypto world for the first time by simply reading news.

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Starts in 1 year ago
2018-06-09 - 2018-12-01
Price in ICO
1 MTT = 0.06 EUR
Hard cap
24,000,000 EUR
ICO start
Jun 9, 2018
ICO end
Dec 1, 2018
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About MulTra ICO

MulTra News App: A Blockchain-Powered Ecosystem
 As a utility token MulTra Token gains its value from limited supply, increasing demand, mass-adoption, distributed circulation, lockups and staking.  Blockchain provides immutability within the MulTra ecosystem. The ecosystem rewards all: readers, publishers and ICO investors.  As the first app that pays readers for reading news, the MulTra News App is designed to ensure rapid publisher onboarding, mass adoption and organic token-value growth.
Onboarding MulTra Token Users is Simple:
· Anyone can earn MulTra Token (MTT) by reading their favourite news from their preferred sources.
· The MulTra News App automatically creates an ERC20 compatible wallet for every user. In many cases, this integrated wallet will be the first crypto wallet that the mainstream public will own.
Using MulTra Token is Simple:
· Deplete passively earned MTT to access paid content through premium news subscriptions.
· Spend MTT for goods and services at merchants from the MulTra Network.
· Exchange MTT for fiat currency (USD, EUR, etc.) and cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH etc.) on exchanges. The integrated exchange API enables trading to convert MTT to any currency within the app.
Onboarding of News Publishers is Simple:
· The MulTra News App uses already existing RSS feeds of publishers to display their news content.
· Publishers’ pre-existing affiliate links and APIs are used to integrate premium subscription payment.
· Each time readers deplete MTT to purchase premium subscriptions MulTra purchases these MTT at their market value and then pays the publishers in fiat currency. This way, publishers benefit without being forced to purchase or accept cryptocurrency. 
MulTra is Designed to be Profitable
The MulTra News App is not just free for everyone to use, it pays everyone for using it. Yet it is designed to be a profitable business, making its money through sponsored posts, native ads, commissions on publishers’ premium subscriptions, data analytics and revenue shares with merchants of the MulTra Network.
MulTra GmbH: The Developer and MTT Issuer
The company behind the MulTra ICO was founded 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany.  It's CEO, Onik Mia, serves as the Vice Chair of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance's Media Group. MulTra GmbH’s digital content products received multiple awards from the European Commission. Its clients include Samsung, Deutsche Bank, Johnson & Johnson, BMW, Huawei, Lenovo, GlaxoSmithKline, and more. In 2015, the MulTra GmbH founders were invited by the then French President François Hollande to the Elysée Palace in Paris to participate in the Conférence Numérique and also invited to attend the World Economic Forum 2018 in Davos.

MulTra reviews

Nino Kader
Crypto enthusiast and miner since 2013
Rated on May 30, 2018

Team looks very solid - experienced and has a track record. The white paper is thorough and addresses a known problem with newspaper publishers that could translate into millions of potential users. Definitely has the potential for mass adoption.

Clayton "CJ" Jacobs 柯西杰
Technical PM | Asia Tech | Ex-ReadWrite Editor in Chief
Rated on Jun 4, 2018

As somebody who has had an executive position at a media company, I can see this project is addressing real problems within the industry.

The partners, product, and user experience all look very nice, although my concern lies in the business model of MulTra itself and whether or not it is sustainable.

Will be keeping my eye on this project.

Igor Karavaev
ico advisor and investor
Rated on Jun 14, 2018

For me the concept "get pad for reading news" does not work because it is really a large space for bots. That is the reason why this idea has not been realised so far. And the team suprisingly does not tackle this issue in the WP. Their whitepaper is too short and weak and lacks business planning numbers

Jure Požun
ICO Advisor / Co-Founder at
Rated on Jun 28, 2018

Blockchain is big news, but It's not all about getting paid for reading - it should be more about the quality of content, interaction and open dialog with the community, content origin and veracity of things we read. Although the idea stands, the project is missing a MVP - at this moment in time ICO contributors appreciate if they can experience the idea they're buying. The presented 'App prototype' is far from being even close to what that means.

ICO Analyzer Bot
Rated on Sep 2, 2018

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MulTra ICO price

Price in ICO

1 MTT = 0.06 EUR

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MulTra platform

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$ -1

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Distributed in ICO
Hard cap
24,000,000 EUR

MulTra whitepaper

MulTra team

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Onik Mia

CEO & Founder

Veronika Tinnis

COO & Co-Founder

Deniz Daskin

CIO & Co-Founder

MulTra milestones

Q1 2019

WePower idea

Q2 2018

WePower idea

Q2 2019

WePower idea

Q3 2018

WePower idea

Q3 2019

WePower idea

Q4 2018

WePower idea

Q4 2019

WePower idea

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