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NileCoin is built in accordance with the standards for cryptocurrencies with complex mining algorithms, operations on a blockchain platform to ensure maximum reliability and security for transactions. We look forward to a vibrant NileCoin community in the future. NileCoin will be used as a means of digital assets exchange through smart contracts, which helps reduce transaction fees and saves time, ensures high reliability.

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2017-12-27 - 2018-01-27
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Dec 25, 2017
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Dec 26, 2017
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Dec 27, 2017
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Jan 27, 2018
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About Nilecoin ICO

Nilecoin operates on a peer-to-peer network protocol on the Internet, under the management of no central bank. Nilecoin is the world's leading software platform for digital assets. Offering the largest production Nilecoin platform in the world, we are using new technologies to build a radically better financial system. Our software has powered over 100 million transactions and enabled users in 140 countries across the globe to transact quickly without costly intermediaries.
We also offer tools to developers and real time transaction data to users to analyze the burgeoning digital economy. Nilecoin supply is automatic and limited, and it follows an algorithm-based schedule. Bitcoin is provided to computers which “mine” the coins to pay for authenticating Bitcoin transaction and recording them in a distributed ledger on the peer-to-peer network. It is called “Blockchain”. Nilecoin is provided to mobile devices which “exploit” Nilecoin to verify transactions and record them in a distributed ledger on the peer-to-peer network. This is called “Nilechain”. Nilecoin technology is superior because the cost of exploiting Nilecoin is low. With Nilecoin, we can totally change the way to confirm transaction, even without super-configured computers.
Furthermore, Nilecoin applies quantum technology to process transactions at a high speed. To see that, you can download Nilechain and try trading. It is different from blockchain. With blockchain, the more you pay, the faster your transaction speed is. If you pay less, your transaction is in the queue. It may take you 1 or 2 minutes, or even days to complete your transaction.
Nilechain takes only 0.0001 seconds to verify when you log in your wallet after entering your PIN, but such verification on Blockchain can take you up to a minute. You can try using the 2 wallets at the same time to compare their speeds. Bitcoin is the pioneer cryptocurrency to change the way of billing, storage and to increase transparency in the field of finance. Nilecoin is created on that foundation to offer the best monetary tools to the financial industry. Currently, Nilecoin is being widely used in e-commerce. It has been used to integrate the payment system on many major e-commerce websites in Japan and Russia. Itshowsthat Nilecoin is a turning point in the 4.0 industrial revolution in general, and financial technology revolution in particular. We challenge the status quo, transcend today’s boundaries and aim at an open financial future that supports the broadest global community possible. It should be acknowledged that Nilecoin has great potentialities, and this is just the start. To us, users' security and privacy are critical factors. We build connections with our users by communicating frequently, authentically and openly, and we build trust by doing what we say. We're of high accountability and standards, but not of unnecessary rules.

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Joan Vall├Ęs
Wealth Manager and Advisor, Angel Investor
Rated on Dec 15, 2017
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Rated on Sep 9, 2018

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