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Innovative, Secure Payment System

Octanox is an innovative, secure, decentralized, and low transaction cost payment system. The payment solution network is built using the cutting-edge cryptocurrency technologies. Octanox offers solutions for faster transactions and unique technology model provided by Waves. Using less energy than Bitcoin, Octanox makes it more environmentally friendly to our planet. The difference between Octanox and Bitcoin is that Octanox isn’t mineable, while Bitcoin is. The Octanox development team consists of highly skilled professionals, who are always thinking of innovative ways to develop Octanox into the best payment system available in the cryptocurrency field. With their skills, there is a major possibility of Octanox growing into something to compete with Bitcoin

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2017-05-26 - 2017-06-25
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May 26, 2017
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Jun 25, 2017
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About Octanox ICO

Octanox Token provides virtual economy and virtual activity infrastruc-ture. Octanox running on WAVES blockchain allows easy, cheap, and fast transaction. What is WAVES? A wave is a decentralized financial trading platform written in Scale and built on its own blockchain with custom tokens being its main feature. Custom tokens, or 'Custom Ap-plication Tokens' (CATs for short), allow for a wide range of uses. They enable decentralized crowd funding as well as transferring, trading, and storing of fiat and digital currencies.
In essence, a custom token can represent any value assigned to it while being cryptographically secured through the Waves blockchain. A decentralized, manipulation-free voting system will allow projects built on top of the platform to communicate and make decisions hand in hand with their community. Due to the distributed nature of Waves, a reputation system is on the roadmap whose function will be to assign a certain reputation score to an account based on its network activity and other parameters. - Quoted from waveswiki org
Octanox is focused on multiple platforms that would be used for virtual economy and virtual activities. Octanox is a revolutionary new way to make transactions online. Our unique platform prevents any interfer-ence to Octanox and its source code could be considered for a publicly release to ensure transparency. Octanox is a solution to a growing problem and would be focused on many virtual sectors to support virtu-al activity and economy.

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$ 290000

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Dhimas Pambudi

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Gerardo Antunez

Traductor Ingles

Marc Luque

Social Network Manager

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