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Pitch allows innovative entrepreneurs to quickly launch token sales and sell a portion of tokens via live video pitches to seasoned business experts. An engaged, live audience has the ability to actively participate by leaving their own questions and comments during the pitch, and also instantly and easily buy tokens for any projects that catch their attention.

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2018-02-28 - 2020-02-19
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31,000 ETH
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Feb 28, 2018
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About Pitch ICO

The Pitch Investors Live app is available on the iOS App Store at time of writing. It connects unaffiliated entrepreneurs or project teams who wish to sell blockchain tokens as a method of Capital Accumulation to prospective customers who are using the app. Potential customers can request the entrepreneur or team to pitch their product and explain the benefits, costs, risks, and other pertinent information via a live streaming video. Simultaneously, other app users can watch and participate via text. The app does not endorse or recommend any entrepreneurs or project teams. Its function is to provide an easier way for project teams to connect with potential investors.
An extension of this project will see major sections decentralized, and eventually it is intended to move all of the project onto decentralized systems such as Ethereum and IPFS. The reason for this is to ensure that anybody can present their project to the world and sell tokens for it, beyond the censorship of even our team.
The PITCH token sale will offer ERC-20 tokens, built on the Ethereum blockchain platform for sale to the public. A limited number of tokens will be created and a portion of those will be made available for sale. Tokens will be sold via the website at http:/tokens.pitch.ventures. Tokens will enable users to purchase services on the Pitch Investors Live platform and users will be able to exchange PITCH tokens for tokens that other project teams may present for sale on the Pitch Investors Live platform. At the time of the token sale, PITCH tokens will be consumable on the Pitch Investors Live platform by sending them to the platform at an address advertised on the Pitch Investors Live site. In addition, holders of tokens will be able to send them to users of the existing Pitch Investors Live platform, including project teams that present and, indeed, any address on the Ethereum platform.
The PITCH tokens are intended for use as payment on the Pitch Investors Live platform and any future versions of the platform that should arise. Another use includes exchanging them for tokens created by project teams that present on the platform. They are not intended as a speculative asset and users should not buy them with the assumption that they will increase in value. There should be no expectation of a profit from the purchase of these tokens.

Pitch reviews

Grant Gulovsen
Entertainment, Social Media & Cryptocurrency Attorney; ICO & Blockchain Project Advisor; Founder of Antipodal Talent 美中人才
Rated on May 8, 2018

Pitch appears to be a hybrid mix of livestreaming, a blockchain distributed application and Shark Tank. An interesting combination to say the least.

As far as the team is concerned, Pitch has an abundance of team members who know how to run a business and many who are familiar with entrepreneurship (the basis of Pitch). It does not appear that they have any hardcore blockchain engineers (yet). Most impressive team member is Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank. That by itself should guarantee a lot of traction.

I like the fact that Pitch has the potential to eliminate much of the information asymmetry present in the ICO market by letting founders and investors connect directly in real time via video chat and permitting audience members to ask questions and challenge the fundamentals of the project.

Finally, Pitch has a running non-blockchain version of the app, and getting it on the blockchain really shouldn’t be that hard to do.

If they had a solid blockchain developer I would probably bump the team up to a 5. Otherwise I don’t see anything else that could possibly improve the score I gave them. Looks pretty exciting overall!

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Rated on Oct 30, 2018

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