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DS Plus is an Ethereum-based mobile platform (CPA system) for customer attraction and retention, which will become perfect tool for small and medium, online and offline businesses.

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Starts in 2 years ago
2017-09-10 - 2017-12-31
Price in ICO
1 PlusCoin = 10-14.5 USD
ICO start
Sep 10, 2017
ICO end
Dec 31, 2017
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About PlusCoin ICO

Mobile marketing becomes a more important part of advertising with every passing year: Native mobile marketing platforms that attract and retain clients are being developed at a tremendous rate, and new social and information technologies are constantly being developed. DS PLUS has existed for little more than a year and has already become a strong player in the mobile marketing and lead generation industry. The DS Plus platform is built to entice people to make purchases and take advantage of services offered by sellers who are ready to show loyalty to their customers.
We refer to the merchants on the DS PLUS system as “partners.” As of the current moment, we have 1,496 partners and our system is in operation at 8,027 locations throughout Russia and in parts of Europe. These numbers are growing by the day (fig. 1: DS PLUS partner locations). Our partners include both regional companies (such as the “Absolut” supermarket chain) and major multinational retailers (such as X5 Retail Group, McDonald’s, and KFC).
Users conduct transactions with our partners on a daily basis. Each day, the userbase increases by an average of 250 people. When clients make purchases from DS PLUS partners using the platform, they receive discounts, as well as unique bonus points that can be exchanged for various gadgets, or for other goods and services. Very soon these bonus points will become a supported cryptocurrency, and our partners and users will be brought together in a common infrastructure. How? We shall answer all your  questions in what follows!
We are creating an independent tool facilitating the distribution of crypto-cashback1, for use by our partners.
What is the state of cashback as a tool today? There are several services within the ecommerce market that successfully facilitate the return of a certain percentage of the purchase price when purchases are made from major online retailers. But using these services involves a series of operations that are quite complicated for the average purchaser, and the latter sometimes has to wait as long as two months before the cashback arrives; in addition, the cashback reward must then then be shared with the service that provided it. In offline retail, cashback is a prerogative of the banks. Cashback is paid a month later, and in the majority of cases the reward amounts to only 1-2% of the purchase price. There are, of course, a number of bank partners who pay as much as 15% to the user, but this usually involves retailers that do not cause particular interest to the average consumer, or else one-off promotions in the form of a large reward for an initial purchase.
Our goal is to encourage the maximum possible number of users and partners to use cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. This will be achieved through the instant payment of our cryptocurrency as cashback on purchases from our partners. To achieve our goal, it is not enough just to pay out the cryptocurrency, therefore we are also developing additional services based on the Ethereum blockchain, which will support the exchange and sale of our cryptocurrency. Together, these services will form an infrastructure that can be used to develop the sector as a whole.
We plan to use 50% of the funds raised from the initial distribution of PlusCoin to support marketing, which in its turn will ensure a steady growth in the number of partners and users together with a smooth but consistent growth in the value of - and demand for - PlusCoin. Popularizing PlusCoin will also mean increasing the number of partners that accept it as a means of payment for their goods and services.
The immediate tasks to which the DS PLUS team is setting itself include attracting as many users as possible to the cryptocurrency, expanding the list of regions where PlusCoin is used, and, within each region, extending the list of partners who accept PlusCoin as payment for goods and services.

PlusCoin reviews

Nathan Christian
Blockchain Technology Consultant
Rated on Dec 26, 2017
Bobby (Borislav) Iliev
ICO Expert & Advisor | Business Development Consultant | Marketing Strategist
Rated on Jan 16, 2018

Capable team with nice idea, still we must see actual work after placing the marketplace among users' preference in Western countries (big competition there)!

Giorgi Topuria
Pioneer Blockchain Investor - CEO of Kepler Technologies
Rated on Feb 28, 2018
ICO Analyzer Bot
Rated on Sep 2, 2018

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Price in ICO

1 PlusCoin = 10-14.5 USD

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$ 4800000

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Mikhail Mikhailov


Arkadiy Obolkin


Yuriy Mamonov


PlusCoin milestones

01/2018 - P2P

WePower idea

02/2018 - Integrated Bestchange

WePower idea

03/2018 - Cryptoscoring

WePower idea

05/2018 - P2P Credit

WePower idea

09/2017 - ICO

WePower idea

11/2017 - Branch Offices

WePower idea

11/2017 - Stock Exchange

WePower idea

12/2017 - Marketplace

WePower idea

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