Pontem Inc. initial coin offering (ICO)

Payment And Loan Gateway For Cryptocurrencies

We currently work with Casinos, stores, real estate firms, e-commerce sites in 11 countries, credit card companies and banks. As we all know, United Arab Emirates is a Major Hub for shopping and tourism, integration on payment gateways started last year for stores and banks ranging from POS, ATMs, Debit cards and payment via our app.

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2018-04-02 - 2018-07-02
Price in ICO
1 PNM = 50 USD
Hard cap
12,500,000 USD
ICO start
Apr 2, 2018
ICO end
Jul 2, 2018
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About Pontem Inc. ICO

The position of cryptocurrency in today’s world is growing rapidly: the combined market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has increased more than threefold since early 2016, reaching almost $150 billion in August 2017. According to the latest data, the current number of unique active users of cryptocurrency wallets is estimated to be about 6 million. Thus, the application of cryptocurrency becomes an important issue. If cryptocurrency is designed to be a means of payment, then what can you buy with it right now? There are precedents of people using bitcoins to buy real estate and conduct other financial transactions, and each notable use of cryptocurrency becomes an event in the crypto field and brings society closer to the widespread use of such currencies. But can you actually buy something from another person using bitcoins ? Even though more and more outlets and merchants are beginning to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment, anyone in possession of a sum of bitcoins can still not use them in day-to-day financial operations.
Pontem inc, we are able to serve as a back bone between customers offering cryptocurrency and our partners, these partners industry range from ecommerce, casinos, real estate and banks. As we all know, there is money to be made in the gambling industry with over 70million $ in returns per year, this is what prompted us to develop a conversion engine in regards to this.
Our services range from Pontem owned POS machines, ATM, Mobile app, credit and debit card, an API for new customers who would like to use our services and the newest to our service, is the loan infrastructure, which enable users get access to loans from 500 to 5000$, this off course has interest rates and verification process.
Via our mobile app , you can generate an account number, routing, swift code that allows you receive money directly into your wallet from friends and family who prefer to do a bank transfer. Wallet to wallet transfer, btc to bank account, visa or master purchase of btc, deposit of wallet funds to personal local bank account, btc to any other cryptocurrency added to our lists and cash withdraw and purchase at atm.

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Pontem Inc. ICO price

Price in ICO

1 PNM = 50 USD

Pontem Inc. (PNM) crypto

Pontem Inc. coin

Pontem Inc. token
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Pontem Inc. market cap

Pontem Inc. market capitalization
$ 2500000

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Hard cap
12,500,000 USD

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Ian Jansen


Marina Devoe


Ramsey Wong

VP Marketing

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