Premium Trade initial coin offering (ICO)

A New Diversified Platform

Unique ecosystem of analysis and protection of investments based on blockchain technology.

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2018-01-10 - 2018-02-10
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Sep 18, 2017
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Oct 18, 2017
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Jan 10, 2018
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Feb 10, 2018
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About Premium Trade ICO

Premium Trade introduces a new business model that allows investors to capitalize on the rise of startup markets without dealing with hurdles, risks and technical barriers associated with owning, transferring and trading shares, cryptocurrencies and tokens. Open for investment, Premium Trade - is a Last Generation Opened Fund (OF) that utilizes Ethereum Blockchain and Blockchain Audit (BA) technology to offer full transparency to its investors. Instead of closed-end funds that issue a fixed number of Tokens which are not redeemable from the fund, PremiumTrade issues Tokens built on a profit-sharing smart contract in accordance with a quantity of new startups, have to be funded.
While most of Funds allows token owners to collect monthly and quarterly 50% or 100% or 500%? Did you see any startup, on a seed level, presented only by idea, and growing up 1000 times in a week or a month? It’s impossible because in real economy you should buy the Land, plant the seeds, grow for a long period of time, get a Harvest, sell it. And ONLY after that you can share with investors your success. And yet not the whole crop can grow.
That’s why 100% of real startups need money each time and try to sell their shares to new investors. It’s a long and hard way. What we see now? Thousands of ICO presenting only their idea. And collecting huge amounts of Crypto only for a paper, presented on landing page. PremiumTrade is a group of Israeli based specialists, diversifying Funds in different real-sector startups and Trading platforms. We are always near the first information about rounds provided by the most famous in the world crowdfinding platforms, fund owners, etc.
Until we invest in a new startup, all collected Crypto will be used by our Brokers for increasing it quantity based on daily analysis and futures deals. 50% of profits will be used to grow our Funds, another 50% will be distributed among the owners of smart contracts. It allows our investors unlike the specs with Token on the exchange, receive profit to his registered Wallet. We expect to have more than 500% annually but we ask our investors to be patient.
The value of Token is nothing when it is not tied to real growth of seeds! That’s why our model is FAIR to the market participants. We do not increase your Token price, we produce real Currency for you!
As Our investors will have profit from investing the Premium Trade fund, they can sell or buy our STokens easily, as holding SToken means that the owner will be able to receive part of our Profit and be one of the 500% profitable investors. All new Stokens in future will be issued as in real economy – only if the number of approved startups will be allowed to invest by the Fund and if at the same moment thr amount of currency in circulation will not be enough to buy shares. So, this is the first time when PremiumTrade undertakes efforts to work the rules of the real sector. In its essence, by effectively eliminating entry barriers and allowing investors to safely subscribe to fund's income flow. 
Smart contract can safely guarantee honest payout distribution, it does not contribute to the problem of transparency of investing in non-Ethereum tokens. We will build an CryptoControl (CC) technology to solve that. CC is a set of monitoring tools that allows any investor, regardless of SToken ownership, to easily validate trading history and portfolio balances. Among other solutions, CC will consist of Regular Blockchain Snapshots, Proof of Reserves and view-only API keys. CC is built to set high security standards for money flow in our projects. 

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1 PTC = 0.95 USD

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