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Decentralizing Wall Street

Quantler is a blockchain for creating, analysing, sharing and running of decentralized structured investment products. Create structured products (such as an ETF) in equities or cryptocurrencies using themes. As there are a lot of the tokenized products being launched (currently over 1 900 available) the structured products for these assets are lacking behind (such as sector-based ETFs). Using Quantler’s blockchain anyone can create structured products (for regular assets such as Equities and cryptocurrencies) and run them on a decentralized network (much like smart contracts). Quantler also allows for regular assets, for this market Quantler’s solution is more flexible and has a lower costs base (targeted for exchanges, family offices and investment managers). The QUANT token’s intrinsic value is dependent on the AUM (asset under management) by the entire network. Quantler is like a Vanguard or BlackRock, but then in the form of a network.

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2019-12-11 - 2019-12-11
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About Quantler ICO

Quantler is a blockchain company that is building a decentralized network for hosting Quant Funds (structured products, like ETFs) in regular Equities and Cryptocurrencies. The network will leverage innovation and automation, to significantly lower costs, lower the barriers for access to investing and increase transparency. By leveraging current and upcoming commission free brokerages that offer fractional shares, Quantler allows for a worldwide scalable business model. Quantler will allow for new structured products, such as ETFs, to be launched and used in minutes, instead of years.
Reasons for using blockchain:

  • Regulatory scalability (rather the lack of regulatory oversight)

  • Network incentives (brokerages/exchanges, miners and token holders)

  • Flexibility and increased speed in the creation and release of new structured products (ETFs) on the network

Step 1, create an index:
At Quantler you can create a new or select an existing thematic index for you to invest in. Themes such as, self-driving cars, internet of things or companies that are trying to change the way we eat. These indexes can contain regular assets (stocks, ETFs, notes, REITs) and crypto assets (currencies, tokens, tokenized funds, security tokens, asset tokens).
Step 2, set management style:
Using modules (much like smart contracts), investments are packaged, just like structured products (ETFs). This form of automation runs on Quantler's own blockchain and is executed by its miners. Quantler allows for the creation and realization of products that act and operate similar to ETFs but are not regulated as such. The possibilities are endless and border-less.
Step 3, execute on the blockchain:
Once you have selected the index or theme of your interest, execution will have to take place somewhere. Miners on Quantler's blockchain, execute the automation logic you would find in regular products such as ETFs. From an end-user perspective, there is no difference. From an execution perspective, we have decentralized structured products.

Quantler reviews

Clemen Chiang
Ph.D. | CEO | Investor | FinTech in Stocks | Blockchain in Cryptos
Rated on Jul 15, 2018

"As these are decentralized non-pooled investment strategies, they can be run anywhere and independently. When users are done creating a Quant Fund, users will need to host them to start investing."

Please articulate what you meant by users will need to host them to start investing? Can users buy directly on your platform?

ICO Analyzer Bot
Rated on Sep 21, 2018

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Vladimir Ceperic

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Manuele Monti

PhD Quantitative Researcher

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