Smart City initial coin offering (ICO)

Smart House Hardware and Services

The Smart City Coin Test Net is a utility token aimed to be used within the European Smart City Community. Our main goal is to provide Smart House Hardware and Services for the Members of our Community, enabling them to start monitoring their usage in real-time. We also present the business opportunity to all community members they will be able to collect SCCTN tokens in exchange for their energy data. We are incorporating the blockchain technology and SCCTN Utility Token to provide transparency, traceability, and safety of the entire network and community.

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2018-11-01 - 2018-12-31
Price in ICO
1 SCCTN = 0.01 EUR
preICO start
Aug 1, 2018
preICO end
Oct 31, 2018
ICO start
Nov 1, 2018
ICO end
Dec 31, 2018
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About Smart City ICO

The vision of the Smart City Coin Project is to develop the largest Community of energy-autonomous households and offices. The mission is to expand the existing community of active owners and tenants (“Members”) and to upgrade our already existing platform (The Smart City Network) that enables Members to acknowledge their electricity balance status, adapt their behavior, create sources of electricity and slowly build complete energy independence. We help them to transform their facilities into Smart Buildings and enabling them to take control over their electricity usage and manage to adapt their behavior to reach zero running costs for electricity.
Since the start of the Project in 2010, a founder team (“The Team”) invested over 3.3 Mio. € of their own & FFF capital and 75.000 hours of work. The Project has the ambition to expand the Community and introduce a utility cryptocurrency (SCC) into their business model.
Users that join the Smart City Community (“Members”) will receive a free Installation Set, which enables them to control the overall and device-specific energy usage. After the initial period of acknowledging their usage profile, Members will be guided to change their habits of electricity usage through the process of educating, competing among them and adapting and thus reducing their electricity bills.
As a reward for their activity and contributions of data, Members receive SCC Tokens, that can be used to buy additional devices for monitoring, management and generating electric power, thus enabling them to transform their buildings into energy neutral facilities.

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Price in ICO

1 SCCTN = 0.01 EUR

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Peter Faleskini


Igor Vlačič


Stephen Wood

Head of International deployment

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August 2018

WePower idea

January 2019

WePower idea

June 2019

WePower idea

September 2019

WePower idea

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