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Idea Sharing and Reward Platform

SUAPP is an evolution blockchain platform that unite students across Africa with sole aim of sharing innovative ideas that will add value to Africa continent and aids economic growth.With SUAPP, there is an opportunity for Africans using blockchain to maintain transaction records in a secured, trusted, and digitized interlinked environment, which will eliminate numbers of inefficient issues. SUAPP DApp ecosystem is a core combination of Education platform, Digital wallet, and Tokenized reward mechanism. The unique powerful benefit behind this ecosystem is crowdfunding for projects development & loyalty rewards to every users and investors for their valuable contribution to the SUAPP platform. SUAPP model will create an integrated platform where every student and platform users can share idea and request services. Innovative educational ideas shared is process through Ethereum blockchain ERC20 smart contract. Platform features include: Financial Empowerment, Crowdfunding, Loyalty Reward.

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Starts in 1 year ago
2018-10-07 - 2018-11-15
Price in ICO
1 SUP = 0.000075 USD
Soft cap
750,000 USD
Hard cap
5,000,000 USD
preICO start
Sep 27, 2018
preICO end
Oct 6, 2018
ICO start
Oct 7, 2018
ICO end
Nov 15, 2018
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About Suapp ICO

Education signifies the backbone of humankind’s potential. Although we recognize the enormous importance of education, it’s however disheartening that the educational landscape is hindered by some problems namely:
• Limited access to information and innovative ideas.
• Boring nature of classroom learning.
• Lack of motivation to learn despite the free access to the internet, and
• Lack of connection between theory and skills.
The internet fails to deliver results because of lack of some important factors such as effective engagement and lack of cordial interaction between students to foster swift idea sharing amongst others. SUAPP aims to disrupt the education industry by creating a blockchain-based idea sharing and reward platform that will expand ideas among students. It will empower African students’ motivation to learn, join and contribute to the continent’s economic advancement. We have capitalized on our years of experience in the education industry to create a game changer using blockchain technology.
SUAPP is the world’s largest blockchain-based value and idea sharing platform, designed to ignite students’ motivation to learn by:
• Earning rewards as they learn.
• Supporting students’ interaction with one another.
• Assisting in raising funds to execute students’ projects.
• Promoting unity among students in different higher institutions across Africa.
• Expanding idea dissemination among students.
The platform will utilize the Ethereum’s smart contract to incentivize contributors with tokens, based on a community validated merit-based rewarding system. Students, anywhere in Africa, will be rewarded for their progress and achievements. This platform will go a long way in promoting interaction and engagement among students. SUAPP also builds a sustainable ecosystem and token economy by integrating premium sponsors and partners. The funds that will be raised during the ICO sales will be used to:
• Develop strategic partnerships with sponsors.
• Cover operational expenses required to support the platform.
• Fully develop the platform as well as its issues into the blockchain.
• Market and communicate the benefits and features of the platform to ensure its adoption.
• Foster continuous security and data protection.

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Suapp ICO price

Price in ICO

1 SUP = 0.000075 USD

Suapp (SUP) crypto

Suapp coin

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Suapp type
Suapp platform

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Suapp investment info

Min. investment
10 USD
Distributed in ICO
Soft cap
750,000 USD
Hard cap
5,000,000 USD

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Suapp team

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Yinka Ogunrinde



Oluwasegun Fashola

Founder & CEO


Abdulfatah Sadiq

Founder & CEO


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Q1 2018

WePower idea

Q1 2019

WePower idea

Q2 2018

WePower idea

Q2 2019

WePower idea

Q3 2018

WePower idea

Q4 2018

WePower idea

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