TudorPAY initial coin offering (ICO)

International trading ecosystem

TudorPay is a complete end-to-end platform that powers, at it centre, an international trading ecosystem intended to redefine the way people, businesses and communities transact.

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Starts in 2 years ago
2017-11-26 - 2018-02-15
Price in ICO
1 TUDOR = 0.01 EUR
Soft cap
1500000 EUR
ICO start
Nov 26, 2017
ICO end
Feb 15, 2018
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About TudorPAY ICO

TDX RPG - Retail Payment Gateway
TudorPay's exclusive wallet that supports both fiat and crypto for payments, sales, savings, reinvestment's and withdrawal at participating business premises to ensure token liquidity. TDX RPG supports TDX DEX settlement and clearing functions by leveraging on Money Service Businesses (MSBs) and the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as an alternative channel for payments. It is envisioned to be a crypto bank with specialization in commercial banking.
TDX DEX-Derivatives Exchange Platform Module
An exchange module that allows access for verified suppliers to bid/fulfill delivery tenders and traders to buy/sell commodity contracts. It features a transparent and a immutable ledger built on blockchain and free of complex governance process. Traders are allowed to have tiered leveraged trading based on a sets of criteria's to be fulfilled. The module is equipped with an AI powered Aggregation Engine to supply and interpret data from traditional exchange for traders reference.
TDX IFS - International Financial Service
An international funds management module that converts fiat currencies into cryptos to ensure continuous supply and demand for TDX token to manage liquidity risk in the ecosystem. The module supports API connection to various accounting systems and can aggregate data from multiple exchange for TDX traders using IBM Watson to support its Artificial Intelligence engine in provisioning the best rates to traders for both fiat and crypto currencies.
TDX CCM-Clearing Compliance Module
The first of its kind blockchain based commodity exchange, this module will become an automated margin controller fed with artificial intelligence to ensure an efficient clearing process backed by physical delivery in real-time monitoring service (TDX LOG). The module will automatically readjust margin requirement based on a sets of matrice that is anchored back to the actual completion of commodity product delivery at bunker or offloading facilities based on tenders issued to reduce exposure to supplier, traders and end buyers while further ensuring the ecosystem liquidity. The module is built integrated to Quality Control Module (TDX QCM) to ensure compliance by the sellers towards future contract requirement with APIs connection to international certification agencies.
TDX LOG - Logistic & Transport Module
TDX LOG is the world first blockchain based logistic management module that allows supplier to lodge their commodity delivery at acceptance point and buyers to track in detail the status of fulfillment. The module will allow the issuance of exotic secondary futures such as freight & bunkering contract for buyer and seller to profit or hedge against market volatility while allowing supplier and beneficiary to access live cargo monitoring service integrated into their TDX wallet or traditional accounting system.
TDX QCM - Quality Compliance Module
The TDX QCM module is built with ready APIs connectivity to enable international renowned agencies such as Bureau Veritas, SGS, Global Trust Certification and NSF International to certify deliveries matching the delivery tender's requirement. We believed this will be the first of its kind on an integrated blockchain platform that enables paperless certification accessible from anywhere in the world. Ultimately, it has the potential to seed another exotic futures based on certification services pricing.
TDX MRP- Supply Chain Management Module
The final implementation of TudorPay's module will enable commodities to be tracked from the source where it was planted, processed, packaged, traded and delivered. This will create non-mutable history link that cannot be manipulated, thus ensuring compliance exceeding the level of traditional banking to ensure only legitimate trades take place on TudorPay. The platform in extended use, it also function as a service for Enterprise Resource Planning for sellers and buyers equipped with Artificial Intelligence capabilities to predict scarcity or excess supply.

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TudorPAY ICO price

Price in ICO

1 TUDOR = 0.01 EUR

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$ -1

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Soft cap
1500000 EUR

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TudorPAY team

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Ir. Hairi Omar

Lee R.O.

Dr. Dean Afeqs

Legal Adviser

TudorPAY milestones

Q1 2018 – Development

WePower idea

Q2 2017 – System Research

WePower idea

Q2 2018- Regulations

WePower idea

Q3 2016 – Ideation

WePower idea

Q3 2017 – Recruitment

WePower idea

Q3 2018 – Phase 1 Implementation

WePower idea

Q4 2016 – Validation

WePower idea

Q4 2017 – Documentation

WePower idea

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