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Your Creations for Better IP Protection

Thanks to Blockchain technology, Vaultitude (formerly called IPCHAIN Database, webpage:, a browser based software for intellectual property (IP) protection and management will become a revolutionary new standard for this multi billion USD industry. All stakeholders in the IP industry consider Blockchain technology a potential game changer for the IP industry due to its notary-like character - but no solution is available yet. The browser based platform offers free registration and is tailored toward the needs of millions of researchers, inventors, individual artists, companies and patent & trademark offices and will be suitable for all types of IP including inventions, designs, scientific findings, art, code, files and trade secrets. The Vaultitude demo is available at the project's website and Vaultitude v1.0 will already get released prior to the ICO. Vaultitude has been designed together with leading stakeholders in IP. Vaultitude will solve the challenges, which millions of innovators face on a daily basis: - Safe Storage of IPs and Trade Secrets - Proof of Authorship & Practical application of Copyrights - Defensive Publication will be faster, safer and cheaper. - Sell / License / Transfer of confidential data documented on the Blockchain - Sharing of Confidential Data by putting NDAs on the Blockchain - Search & Analyse IP data - Networking - Filing Patents & TMs - Peer Review and Ratings Vaultitude entertains partnerships with a number of leading stakeholders such as WIPO Green, the tech division of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the highest authority in IP worldwide, a UN agency, and Dennemeyer Group, a global law firm and leader in IP services as well as leading research institutions and universities. Vaultitude explains about Blockchain & IP at conferences and workshops organised by the European Patent Office (EPO), European intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) World Trade Organisation (WTO), World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), local patent offices, various universities and important international associations such as IEEE and LESI.

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2018-09-30 - 2018-10-31
Price in ICO
1 IP = 0.00428 ETH
Hard cap
36,000 ETH
ICO start
Sep 30, 2018
ICO end
Oct 31, 2018
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About Vaultitude ICO

Securely store your IP
Vaultitude offers a digital vault in which all types of IP can be securely stored. Corporate accounts are ideal for teams working together with different user rights and a log documenting all actions of the users. Optimal protection against data corruption, fire or theft.
Clear proof of copyright
Gives secure proof of first authorship accepted in legal proceedings, trials or patent applications and reduces the risk of infringement by deterrence. Quickly resolves disputes, improves the speed of removal of infringing content and thus avoids costs.
 Superior defense mechanism
Faster and safer than publication in scientific journals, which requires third parties to become privy to the invention before actual publishing. Safer than server-based services as the data will be on the Blockchain. Documents publication and actual access. Ensures freedom of use, prevents others from filing a patent.

 Safe sharing of information

Vaultitude supports the easy sharing of confidential information by sending out a simple link to a third party, that gets access to the data only after signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) which is also saved to the blockchain. This proves that access happened only after the acceptance of the legal terms and conditions.

 A versatile marketplace

Our software allows users to assign multiple owners to each IP. Each IP can then be sold or licensed and the proceeds from that are automatically distributed among the owners according to their share of the rights. All transactions and the associated contracts are documented on the Blockchain.
 Protect existing patents

Publishing incremental changes to existing patent protected technology is ideal for defending patent portfolios. By making new concepts publicly available, third parties are prevented from filing patents for improved products and the original patents retain their value.
 Finance your ideas

In countries in which a grace period after publication of a new invention exists, the author retains his right to file a patent. The platform can thus be an e ective tool in pre-seed financing by helping inventors to raise the funds for filing a patent and/or commercializing it - thanks to better protection and higher visibility of a published IP.
 Build a network & peer review

Built for optimising the daily work of scientific communities and within a corporate environment, the platform helps connect and collaborate with colleagues and external partners through network and messaging features and peer review capabilities, which allow giving feedback on published IP.
 Find expert help

Inventors and researchers are usually leading experts in their respective field of technology. However, the drafting and filing of patent and trademark applications requires the help of experienced IP professionals. Vaultitude helps user to find such experts and allows for the secure transfer of confidential information.

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Price in ICO

1 IP = 0.00428 ETH

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Vaultitude platform

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0.1 ETH
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Hard cap
36,000 ETH

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Lukas Fiedler

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