WiC initial coin offering (ICO)

Get reward for using Wi-Fi

For every simple solution released into the market, there’s a great amount of technology that must be either invented or adapted for that purpose, and WiC is no exception. We have developed a monetized WiFi sharing app which allows you to share your existing WiFi network and earn WiC tokens for it.

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Starts in 2 years ago
2017-09-01 - 2017-10-15
Price in ICO
1 WiC = 0.008 USD
Hard cap
1,480,000 USD
preICO start
Aug 15, 2017
preICO end
Aug 31, 2017
ICO start
Sep 1, 2017
ICO end
Oct 15, 2017
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About WiC ICO

Wi Coin (WiC) is a coin that will bring crypto to the masses. Today, 99% of the people involved in crypto currencies use it either as a speculative asset or hoard it with a dream of becoming a millionaire overnight. This is the primary reason for the lack of adoption and WiC is a coin that will solve this issue. WiC will give the average person a reason to buy and use crypto in his everyday life. Introducing the killer app of the crypto world, “CryptoWi”, an app which rewards its users in Wi Coins (WiC) for doing what they do every day, use their Wi-Fi! This is how it works:

  • First, you will need to create an account to use the app and earn and store your WiCs.

  • Second, the user can upload passwords of the Wi-Fi connections from the "WiFi" tab as shown above. The user is awarded 100 WiC per correct password uploaded in order to grow the network initially. The user will also be able to set a custom price in WiC for each of these networks. Anybody who wants to connect to these networks will have to pay this amount and it will be credited to the original password uploader. This gives an added incentive to people for not changing the password and helps the community grow larger. 5,000,000 WiC have been reserved for distribution to the users in the early stages of the app to grow the user base. At 100 coins per password, this will be 50,000 passwords.

  • The “Map” tab shows the number of available WiFi passwords at any location in the world and can be searched for by the user. The user will also be able to navigate to these wifi spots in offline mode in the future.

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WiC ICO price

Price in ICO

1 WiC = 0.008 USD

WiC (WiC) crypto

WiC coin

WiC token
WiC type
WiC platform

WiC (WiC) value

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WiC market cap

WiC market capitalization
$ -1

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Distributed in ICO
Hard cap
1,480,000 USD

WiC whitepaper

WiC team

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Ronald B. Sao


Catherine Oliver

Marketing and Investment

Deepak Kumar

Lead Developer

WiC milestones

August 2017

WePower idea

July 24, 2017

WePower idea

October 2017

WePower idea

September 2017

WePower idea

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