YuTu.Coin initial coin offering (ICO)

Re-Monetizing YouTubers

YuTü.Co.in is a novel platform dedicated to bringing monetization back to YouTubers via cryptocurrency. We offer YouTube channel managers the opportunity to "crypto-commoditize" their YouTube channel by creating their own cryptocurrency token for them. These coins can be traded for an Ethereum token, named YuTüCoin (YTC), on our in-house exchange, which can then be traded at any number of outside exchanges for ETH, BTC and whatever other pairings are available. In addition to providing a new source of funds for YouTubers, we also allow the opportunity for their fans to show their support by purchasing the coin(s) of their favorite YouTuber(s), or even mine the coins directly. Thus, anyone can "invest" in a coin that represents a YouTube channel brand and trade it on a free market exchange. In addition to the above, we provide all participating channel managers with their own page on our platform which they can use to sell merchandise, communicate with their fans and host any content of their choice. In short, YuTü.Co.in aims to re-empower the many YouTubers who are no longer eligible for YouTube's monetization programs and give their fans the opportunity to "invest" in their channel brand.

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2018-08-09 - 2018-10-13
Price in ICO
1 YTC = 0.20 USD
ICO start
Aug 9, 2018
ICO end
Oct 13, 2018
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About YuTu.Coin ICO

Our mission is to compensate YouTubers, specifically YouTube channel owners, for their contribution of content, in the form of cryptocurrency. A much smaller percentage of video publishers are currently eligible for monetization via YouTube’s various levels of partnership programs than ever before. This is contributing to an exodus of quality content generators from YouTube. Some are giving up producing new videos, to the dismay of their followers, and some are searching for new platforms that will justly compensate them for their efforts and reward them for the entertainment they bring into the lives of others. YuTü.Co.in offers a unique solution to this problem which bypasses traditional means of monetization, known as crypto-commoditization. YuTü.Co.in allows fans to directly contribute to YouTubers by means of “investing” in their favorite YouTube channels, with each participating channel represented by its own platform-specific crypto token. Channel owners registered with YuTü.Co.in will receive a dedicated portion of these tokens, which are generated similar to the classic “mining” method employed by all cryptocurrencies. These tokens can then be sold for our native cryptocurrency, YuTüCoin (YTC) (and later bitcoin and ether) on YuTü.Co.in’s in-house exchange, to fans or investors who see the “channel brand” of the YouTuber increasing in value in the future. The end result will be supplementary income generated for YouTube channel owners whose supporters or investors have registered with YuTü.Co.in and purchase their channel’s token. In addition, YuTü.Co.in will provide a platform-based homepage for each registered YouTuber where they can freely sell merchandise and communicate with their fan base in ways not provided by YouTube.

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YuTu.Coin ICO price

Price in ICO

1 YTC = 0.20 USD

YuTu.Coin (YTC) crypto

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YuTu.Coin platform

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$ 3200000

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0.1 ETH
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Bruno Kucinskas

Founder / CEO

Shawn Brackenbury

Chief Operating Officer

Gavin McDonald

Social Media and YuTü.Co.in Platform Support

YuTu.Coin milestones

Q1 2018

WePower idea

Q1 2019

WePower idea

Q2 2018

WePower idea

Q2 2019

WePower idea

Q3 2019

WePower idea

Q4 2018

WePower idea

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